1. fskryanttv_

    TAB + ScoreBoard for SMP | Config v1.0

    This will Include the following (Thats setup): TAB Fully Setup (You will need to change a few things with your own ranks) ScoreBoard Fully Setup. I will re-work the config so your Ranks work on TAB (Free) after purchase. This plugin is made for a SMP server ONLY, BUT I will be making a...
  2. F

    exlusive tab and scoreboard v1.0

    This is an original setup for creating a tab and scoreboard for a kitpvp server but also for other modes. You have the option to change the main color in the animation.yml file and change the "color:". The plugin was created using tab, so I request you to download it. The version of the server...
  3. Javiersylen

    Scoreboard - TAB Design for servers v1.0

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is a scoreboard setup. (Free usage and you can modify anything on it). You have to replace the scoreboard into your config.yml (Choose any color) Scoreboard made by: SylenSTUDIOS If u have any question...
  4. Vanish_

    TAB Configurations I used on my servers 0

    🔍 Overview This is my personal TABs configuration. 😊 (Tested on 1.19.4) 🎁 Features ✨ CustomFont: Use cool fonts anywhere! 🖋️ 🌈 Gradient Expansions: Add colorful gradients to your texts! 🌈 🖼️ Images 🔗 Dependencies To use this configuration, you'll need the following plugins: 🔹 TAB 🔹...
  5. Rafalll

    TAB New Config | Beautiful design v1.0

    Configuration for tab plugin for any lobby server and not only, it will be great for a whole network of servers! Configuration contains the most important information you should put in these places. Pleasant for all players who will play at your server! New and unique combined with hex colors...
  6. Cupic

    SimpleScore Configurations v1.0

    ♦ 3 Diffrent Colors ♦ Cheap Price ♦ Version 1.17 to 1.19 ♦ Unique Style You can not dispute/charge-back. You can not share this configuration to anyone. You can not claim it as your own. You can not resell this piece of work or configurations inside it. You can not upload any contents from...
  7. P

    Hubcore modern (silex and ghostly style)

    Complemento HubCore (estilo silex y fantasmal) Características • Unir elementos (puedo configurarlo a tu gusto) • Sistema de doble salto • Sistema NameMC (se incluye un complemento separado) • Sistema de colas (se incluye un complemento separado) • Marcador (Puedo configurarlo a tu gusto) •...
  8. xGio

    MoonBoard v1.0

    MoonBoard A Scoreboard plugin with PlaceholderAPI! This Plugin is tested for 1.8.9-1.19! If you have any questions, Feel free to DM me on Discord! Discord Tag: Gio | MoonDevelopment#1558 Discord ID: 287196822521249792 CONFIG: title: "&3&lMoonBoard" lines: - "&a&lWelcome to &3&lMoonBoard"...
  9. Alphine

    Tab Configuration [Premium and Non-Premium Version] v1.1

    This was made for TAB This pack has two versions to it. One being the free version of the plugin and the other being the premium version of the plugin. If you bought the premium version of TAB then use the PREMIUM version in the file, if not, use the NORMAL version in the file. Features: -...
  10. NIiZoW

    MCPractice 3 | Party | Scoreboard | Multi Arena | Combo | HitDelay | Kit editor | 100% Custom v3.2

    WARNING /!\ MCPRACTICE IS OFFLINE! Website to test plugin (soon): ⬤ Extremely configurable (messages, dashboard, scales and objects). ⬤ Queuing system efficient and accurate. ⬤ Supports custom kits and kit edition. ⬤ Supports multiple arenas! You can...
  11. Jestiz_


    A video will come soon with all features showed.
  12. PixelMine

    Featherboards Config v1.2

    Created by TheHumax_ NOTE: This resource contains 4 scoreboards designed for factions, skyblock, survival and the HUB if you want a custom one message me and we can discuss a price! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! :) Notice: The personal section will change to...
  13. C

    HCF Scoreboard Custom

    Hey, I am looking for someone who could make me this plugin is for my HCF server. Im sorry for my English french It has: - KoTH - Combat tag - Immunity - Enderpearl - F Home - Logout - F Stuck - Staff mode - SOTW Timer - EOTW Timer Config: MESSAGES: COOLDOWNS: ENDERPEARL: MESSAGE...
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