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  1. MiiRea

    Crystal PVP - PLAYER KITS | DUELS & MORE 1.2

    TEST SERVER FYI: There are 8 Duels Arena Map with 2 Model and 1 FFA ARENA Get support here MiiReal#9252 |
  2. DreamDevelopments

    Better Scoreboard | Added Overlays 1.2.1

    Welcome to Better Scoreboard Better Scoreboard brings an improvement to your scoreboard that always looks the same and is outdated. Make it look much better simply and quickly. We come with the possibility to customize your scoreboard as much as possible, this resource is based on a custom...
  3. VcR_Cuac

    Cuac Configs | Tab and Score config Beta 0.1

    An All-In-One TAB configuration! This TAB setup is all you need for a server. It includes 6 styles. If you like, you can request a personalized TAB style for which you will be charged an amount that is reasonable and treated. If you need help getting these to fit on your server, please open a...
  4. Epicgo

    [Open Source] ✨Sconey Scoreboard API | Support 48 characters | Minecraft 1.7 & 1.8✨

    Sconey Scoreboard API This scoreboard API is very different to the average scoreboard API, this is because of the many features implemented to give developers utilising the API more control over what their players see and experience, is an open source scoreboard api, with support for +48...
  5. P

    Hubcore modern (silex and ghostly style)

    HubCore plugin (silex and ghostly style) Features • Join items (I can configure it to your liking) • Double jump system • NameMC system (separate plugin is included) • Queue system (separate plugin is included) • Scoreboard (I can configure it to your liking) • Tablist (I can configure it to...
  6. Aeon

    FREE | AnimatedScoreboard Config | 1.1

    || OVERVIEW This resource is a simple-looking, but elegant scoreboard configuration for the plugin AnimatedScoreboard. Recommended server version is 1.16.2 and up, as the emojis don't exist/look good on lower versions. Configurations made and tested on Purpur 1.18.2. || FEATURES EssentialsX...
  7. wandr

    ⭐ TitleManager Config - Modern ⭐ [1.8-1.18] 1.0

    What is it? This is a simple, sleek and modern configuration for the plugin TitleManager for versions 1.8 to 1.18. It configures the scoreboard, tablist, and join titles/actionbars. » Configured Scoreboard » Configured Tablist » Configured join title/actionbar » Active and friendly support »...
  8. Obviouslee

    🧪 Lee's Configurations 🧪 | 🌟 5+ Years Experience 🌟 | 💎 High-Quality & Affordable 💎

    1656879973 My Discord tag is Obviouslee#3025 if you'd like to ask questions as well!
  9. OriginBuilds


  10. ArrowTan

    FREE | Tab & Scoreboard Config Gradient v3

    Hey there! are you bad at making designs or are you unable to spend time configuring Scoreboard & Tab? Well, you're at the right place! I just made this decent-looking Tab + Scoreboard configuration which you might like! Since Update v2 you're able to easily edit the scoreboard Since Update v3...
  11. Snyk

    Dungeons System 2.0.1

    Welcome to the Official Dungeons System Plugin. Languages Supported: English (default) or you can transfer to your language. The purpose of this plugin is to allow the user to create highly detailed dungeons, with a multitude of choices when it comes to stages, objectives, mobs, and loot...
  12. EmSockz1

    [FREE CONFIG] RoseTab Animations | Prefixes | Premium Tab 2021-09-28

    ✿ Free RoseTab Config ✿ ✋ THIS IS A TAB CONFIGURATION. THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN! ✋ This is my first resource, please don't judge strictly :) This configuration includes: ⟫ Rank & Prefixes & Nametags: 8 Uniquely Customized prefixes for your players...
  13. GCNT

    AdditionsPlus | Custom Commands, Menus, Tablists, Scoreboards, Items & more | 1.8 - 1.18 2.7.5

    Check this plugin out on MyGCNT! Features (detailed description) Custom Commands Register commands Registered commands show up while tab-completing. Registered commands can also be executed from other plugins. Command Arguments Compatible with the console Aliases {NEW} Custom plugin names...
  14. zmaddi

    Scoreboard | Aesthetic Config - 1 Color For Category - HQ! FREE

    RealScoreboard Config [❤️] Animated Title [❤️] Change PAPI, Name, Color And Emoji!
  15. Essence Config


    This resource will give a different and unique look to your server! which can attract even more the attention of many users. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] If you need help or have any questions, you can enter our discord! We are always active...
  16. Spaceley

    TitleManager Config Easy to edit 1.0.1

    Simple and easy to edit tab & scoreboard made with Titlemanager, simply upload the plugin to your server and replace the config file and display a cool gradient style tab and scoreboard on your server. This configuration has been setup with basic placeholders, for example the last 3 in the...
  17. xIsm4

    SternalBoard Optimizied Scoreboard 2.0.4

    » DISCORD - DONATE » ⋘────────────────────↠∗ ∗↞────────────────────⋙ Introduction Thanks for choosing SternalBoard! This plugin, was made with love by xIsm4 The idea it came out, that I had an old server and the Scoreboard plugin I was using gave many performance problems Do u need support...
  18. Darkover

    dScoreboard [1.16.5] | Light | Customizable | WorldGuard Support 0.1.2

    dScoreboard is an affordable and highly customizable plugin, perfect for any type of server! Its lightness is combined with worldguard support, which allows you to configure the worlds in which the scoreboard can be disabled. Need support? Join our Discord
  19. RenegadeMc.Net

    Feather Board Configurations - LOBBY 1.0

    This resource is a simple and easy to use FeatherBoard Configuration made for lobby's! For a simple instillation just replace the desired color of scoreboard in the Featherboard folder and reload the server! TOS...
  20. Savaa


    Hi guys, Sava here. Today I will give u a plugin and config for AnimatedScoreboard Cuz I don't have options here to set price on post u need to add me on my discord SaWZZ#9428 Here some examples
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