1. Kaertho

    Crow Items Pack v1.0

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! USE DISCOUNT CODE: HALLOWEEN valid until end of october! What is this? - High quality item models for your minecraft server! What do you get? Crow Sword Crow Axe Crow Pickaxe Crow Shovel Crow Hoe Crow Scythe Crow Bow Crow Armor Crow Skull Crow Wings The installation...
  2. Vextrosity

    The Scythe | 350x350 | Fiery Lobby v1.1

    Includes • Two massive reapers holding scythes. • Big Crystals. • Big Portal. • Lava lake. Supported Versions • 1.17 & Higher ZIP Contents • Java World, .mcworld & .schem Support Create a support ticket on our discord if you have any issues or questions.
  3. Watchers Of Fate

    3D Magic Pack v2.1

    🔆 Pack informations 🔹 This pack have 3 models for now. 🔹 Scythe is on diamond hoe. 🔹 Swords are on diamond and golden sword. ✉️ Contact us 🔸 Discord : 🔸 Linktree :
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