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  1. Saturne Service

    Searching second owner

    Good morning, I'm the old owner of, I reopen a project, my second owner of the server has leave for some reason, so we have lost the VPS, it's why i need a new one. Once the server generates money, you would get a part of it. We actually need to an VPS and more budget if possible. •...
  2. Saturne Service

    Please Remove

    Please remove
  3. ItzShaddy

    =Forged Factions - Searching for Media Owner=

    Forged Factions -------------------- Hello everyone! We're looking for media Owners for Forged Factions. Forged Factions is an upcoming factions server. It has lots of unique features that very little or no faction servers have done before. Forged Factions has been created with the players in...
  4. A

    Searching for an second Owner for my server

    Hello , Iam EV0RY and iam currently searching an well experienced HCF owner • Required • 1. Needs to be 14+ of age. 2. Not involved with ddosing , doxing , or anything in that way. 3. No toxic behaviour. 4. Needs to have a small amount on PayPal (50$ - 200$) 5. Needs to have a good , working...
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