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selling build

  1. BlueeFiree

    EXCLUSIVE ☀ Large Fantasy Lobby ☀ Solar Build Team

    Solar Build Team Brings This beautiful fantasy forest-themed lobby/hub! This project was constructed by various Solar members and we are very proud to be putting this up for sale! Need a closer look? Check out this sketchfab ->...
  2. Team Atlantia

    Autumn Leaves (server spawn)

    Dear minecraft servers and community, Team Atlantia is offering a one time exclusive build ideal for faction servers (as a shop is included) however is adaptable if requested. With an autumn theme, a medieval/fantasty town is featured on a series of floating islands. Offering price: £65. PM...
  3. ChromeIV

    Exclusive Spawn Auction (From 4/30 to 5/5)

    (>SPAWN AUCTION<) EXCLUSIVE! You will be the only one that has this spawn! CURRENTLY ON HOLD CURRENT BID: NONE START DATE: END DATE: BUYOUT: $20
  4. RadicalBuildTeam

    [CHEAP] Small 4 Portal Hub

    Selling a Small, cheap 4 portal hub built by Radical Build Team -It is customizable, meaning we will add server names above the portal's if you wanted.- Starting Bid- $5 Bin- $15 Inc of $2
  5. FloofsterMC

    Hobbit Hills Build

    All Custommade terrain, centered around a huge "tree of life" looking tree! Multiple trees, such as orange trees, and apple trees! Includes 4 different hobbit homes (Inspired By Grian!). I would like to sell this, as it doesnt really fit as a server spawn or such. It be ideal for a PvP arena due...
  6. Badaxian

    Factions Shop $3 [Multiple Buyers]

    Hello McMarket. This is a factions shop with a main area and 4 other sections where you can place signs for the shop. I made this build myself so I have full ownership. Buyer will pay then I will send the build as a schematic or world. Terms: Please do not resell this or claim as your own. The...
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