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selling network

  1. Bluffers

    Osmium Network (Premium Hardcore factions Network)

    Hello, I’m Aaron. I’ve worked on the OsmiumNetwork for a long time, over a few years. It’s come to my attention I just no-longer have the time to put into the server or to get it released. I’m happy to say that the entire network is setup, databases, Hubs, Speeds Fast-Paced Hardcore factions...
  2. CCheck.

    Selling ArchHCF (Network)

    Hello, today I am selling my network ArchHCF recently I haven't been enjoying being an owner on my network. The server has not ever been released. If you are interested in buying my Network contact I threw via discord CCheck#7430 SB: $30 AB: $200 BID (Increase by a minimum of $10) PROOF OF...
  3. Note

    Server No Longer For Sale

    Hello, I am the owner of Cranked Network. Sadly I can not carry on with the Network due to my GCSE's coming up very soon so I am going to be selling it. Cranked Network first started of on the 13th of June 2017 as Cranked Factions. Since then it has developed into a Network that includes...
  4. Note


    Hello, I may be looking to sell the Network I own. It is called Cranked Network and has been running for three factions maps, two skyblock maps and we have recently finished our custom survival. Due to GCSE's I don't think I will be able to carry on with the Network, so I therefore I will most...
  5. A

    LetoMC Network FOR SALE!

    IP: LetoMC is a new HCF server that was just released yesterday. I am selling the server because I don't have the time to work on my serverand I am quitting soon. The server comes with custom plugins such as Custom anticheat, Custom lobby plugin, Custom Security plugin and more...
  6. Strandable

    Network wasnt sold.

  7. JohannFT

    Selling Network: Fac/SkyB/Creat/SPvp/Prison/GTA ( Files / Access)

    I host this network around 2 years until now, I recently lost interest in minecraft server so I decided to sell this network for a cheap price. It has around 500 players every day and a very active donation ( Around $380 A Month ). Servers: ( 10 TOTAL) Bungee ( Proxy Setup ) Hub Factions (...
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