selling network

  1. Dopi12344

    Selling Lifesteal Network

    I'm looking to sell my lifesteal network with 2 game-modes, it averages around 100 players with up to 130-150 during weekends and holidays. The discord has near 4k members with around 800 being online most of the time, and the community is very active. Looking for offers of around 4-5 digits...
  2. Bluffers

    Osmium Network (Premium Hardcore factions Network)

    Hello, I’m Aaron. I’ve worked on the OsmiumNetwork for a long time, over a few years. It’s come to my attention I just no-longer have the time to put into the server or to get it released. I’m happy to say that the entire network is setup, databases, Hubs, Speeds Fast-Paced Hardcore factions...
  3. CCheck.

    Selling ArchHCF (Network)

    Hello, today I am selling my network ArchHCF recently I haven't been enjoying being an owner on my network. The server has not ever been released. If you are interested in buying my Network contact I threw via discord CCheck#7430 SB: $30 AB: $200 BID (Increase by a minimum of $10) PROOF OF...
  4. Note

    Server No Longer For Sale

    Hello, I am the owner of Cranked Network. Sadly I can not carry on with the Network due to my GCSE's coming up very soon so I am going to be selling it. Cranked Network first started of on the 13th of June 2017 as Cranked Factions. Since then it has developed into a Network that includes...
  5. Note


    Hello, I may be looking to sell the Network I own. It is called Cranked Network and has been running for three factions maps, two skyblock maps and we have recently finished our custom survival. Due to GCSE's I don't think I will be able to carry on with the Network, so I therefore I will most...
  6. A

    LetoMC Network FOR SALE!

    IP: LetoMC is a new HCF server that was just released yesterday. I am selling the server because I don't have the time to work on my serverand I am quitting soon. The server comes with custom plugins such as Custom anticheat, Custom lobby plugin, Custom Security plugin and more...
  7. Strandable

    Network wasnt sold.

  8. JohannFT

    Selling Network: Fac/SkyB/Creat/SPvp/Prison/GTA ( Files / Access)

    I host this network around 2 years until now, I recently lost interest in minecraft server so I decided to sell this network for a cheap price. It has around 500 players every day and a very active donation ( Around $380 A Month ). Servers: ( 10 TOTAL) Bungee ( Proxy Setup ) Hub Factions (...
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