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selling plugins

  1. Note

    Selling Custom Plugins

    Cranked AntiBow - Disables or Enables Bow Boosting. Cranked CTF - Allows you to set CTF zones and schedule CTF events on your server. You can also change the reward percentages and the rewards in the chests. Cranked FlyZons - Allows you to set areas in which users can or can't fly. Cranked...
  2. S

    Cheap plugins ranging from 1euro+

    Will make small plugins(Spigot/bukkit)that contains event listners,commands,permissions! NO config! Skype: Imapvpguy.ihavenoneushitzu
  3. Abraham Hamidi

    Making plugins for $

    I don't know what to call this... I'd like to make moderately simple plugins for $. Add me on Skype: abemaster446 EDIT: Rn I'm working on a 2D fighter, which will probably take me a couple of years, so I'm closing this for now.
  4. Exeyelius

    Selling x6+ Custom Plugins!

    Thread Closed. Due to not selling plugins any more.
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