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  1. iCorruptinq

    Custom Faction Server Setup (Semi-OP)

    What am I offering? This custom faction setup, is one of kind. If you do choose to come have a look please dm me personally on discord; my discord will be shown below. The setup that I am providing comes with loads of custom features, such as a custom builds & spawn, custom core, custom...
  2. Kryth

    SOLD S/B: $1 BIN: $25.00 May end at any time if I get a good offer. Registered til October Very easy and quick to push to your account at Proof: (I'd be happy to verify) This is an amazing Minecraft domain that could be applied to basically any kind...
  3. Kryth | Taking Offers

    - Taking any and all offers. BIN: $35.00 Paypal/Btc/Eth Used to be for a prison server I was running but I've shut down the server. Does not come with any art or the website files, just the domain pushed to your Uniregistry.
  4. Kryth


  5. Wishh

    SemiOP Factions, Fully setup, Custom builds, Custom warzone - £25

    FOR INFORMATION AND SCREEN SHOTS PLEASE CONTACT ME ON SKYPE, DISPLAYED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE THREAD. Hello, This is a fully setup factions server, the server comes with many plugins and all plugins are configurable, these have already been setup. Sorry I can not include images, I need to have...
  6. Sooverix

    Selling Semi-OP Factions Server [BID]

    Hey there! I'm selling my MC Server. The playerbase kind a died. The server is 6 weeks old and received a couple donations. The average playerbase 2 weeks ago was 5-10 players online. If you promote the server the server will be active again! I promise. :) IP: Buycraft...
  7. Sooverix

    Paying Streamers / Youtubers ( Factions Server )

    Hey there! I'm Sooverix, one of the owners of my new server; InsaneBrothers! It's a Semi-OP Factions server with Custom Enchantments, it's a lagg-free server with a small playerbase of 5-15 people. And we want to upgrade it to more! The server is online for 2 weeks now. And we are looking for...
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