server bot

  1. orbitalobject

    [Paid] Server bot to help track player built structures

    Hello, I’ve been running a modded 1.16.5 server for around 6 months. I want to find a way to locate all the builds or at the very least keep track of new ones being created. I believe a bot that can track player movement and then scan the surroundings and determine whether they’re in a player...
  2. PD

    The Best Minecraft Server Bot, For Every Server Owner.

    Price : $50 For more information please join our Discord and create a ticket : There is also a test discord for those who want to test out the bot.
  3. Dorian349

    IMUSIC | Discord Music Bot vBETA 0.4

    This resource isn't supported anymore. Don't purchase it until further update. You can try IMusic here in #imusic-spam
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