1. DerpyArcher

    Lucid Development [Discord Bots][Factions Bots & Server Bots]

  2. LucidDevelopment

    Lucid Server Bot V2 - Highly Configurable And Advanced

    More Commands And Features Waiting Rooms | Setup a waiting room VC and run the command to see how long each user has been sitting in the vc(format: hours, minutes, seconds) Suggestions & Polls Captcha Verification Fleader, IsLeader, Cleader Promote(Promotes a user to a role(drop down menu...
  3. BizBot

    🌙 Lucid Server Bot 🌙

    Explore server moderation, tickets, music, anti-nuke, and so much more. Unlike all of these other bots, ours is easily configurable and cheap. Other Features Not Listed: AFK System Partnership System Warning System Ticket Reminder System And so much more! Get a copy for $15! Discord V8.#6760
  4. PD

    The Best Minecraft Server Bot, For Every Server Owner.

    Price : $50 For more information please join our Discord and create a ticket : There is also a test discord for those who want to test out the bot.
  5. ThisLightMan

    Corebot | Multi-Purpose Discord Bot v4.5.4

    Documentation: Demo Server: Addons Server: Feature List: Support:
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