1. Saturne Service


    ⚜ Introduction: ⚜ Hello Builtbybit Community. I'm looking to build a strong, friendly team with whom we can open a server soon. ⚜ Server informations: ⚜ (JAVA & BEDROCK) UNIQUE Bedwars 1.8x-1.20x : We want to make a Bedwars that's original, unlike the others who just want to look like...
  2. Ariloxe

    Searching for a community manager (Paid)

    Hello everyone, I have many ideas to create a minecraft server, but I need someone who knows the minecraft community well, in order to help me to find what would work (or not), and who could then manage the advertising and communication when our ideas will be more concrete. I can obviously pay...
  3. SaabHk

    🥤 SodaCraft PvP/Factions - VENTE UNIQUE

    Bonjour Aujourd'hui, je vends le serveur SodaCraft 🥤 La vente contient: ➠ Serveur (Bungee,Auth,Faction,Hub1/Hub2,Invest) ➠ Nom de domaine ( ➠ Discord (+1000membres, boost au niveau 3) Serveur prêt à l'emploi manque la partie communication Le serveur SodaCraft a été en place de...
  4. WelzDesign

    WelzDesign© Illustrator... Logo | Icon | Wallpaper..

  5. T

    Im selling a prison server !

    Hey, Im selling my prison server. The server is 100% functional and plugins will be renamed. I am asking for 150 euro's and contact me fore domaine or pm me.
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