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setup 1.8

  1. Defuser81

    Astrid Bedwars Setup | English v1.0.2

    Requirement: • Mbedwars (Product Page) astridmc.com | 1.7.x - 1.12.x [/SPOILER]
  2. MineAlex


    Resource pack: ❌ Purchase here -----> HERE The setup is available in English and Spanish ➾ 10 maps ➾ Exploit Fixer ➾ Anti disconnect.spam ➾ Anti cheat ➾ Anti bot ➾ 9 ranks (User, VIP, VIP+, MVP, Helper, MOD, Admin, DEV, Owner ➾ Custom MOTD ➾ Custom TAB Discord
  3. MineAlex


    Resource pack: ❌ Purchase here -----> BUY The setup is available in English and Spanish ➾ Client detector ➾ +5 Custom Kits ➾ 9 Maps ➾ Anti cheat ➾ Anti bot ➾ 9 ranks (user, vip, vip+, mvp, helper, mod, admin, dev, owner) ➾ Particles and winsounds ➾ Voting events ➾ Custom MOTD Discord
  4. MineAlex


    Dependencies: Citizens (Free) Resource pack: ❌ The setup is available in English and Spanish Purchase this ------> BUY The setup is originally in version 1.8.8, I recommend leaving it in this version, I am not responsible for errors that may occur if you use a version other than 1.8.8, spigot...
  5. Eben

    Server setup! Quick and Cheap!

    Hello my name is Eben! I'm offering server setups to those who are need of help setting up a server! I am experienced with servers and will be able to finish your server to premium quality so that players can get the best experience as they can! I will provide you with advice and ideas to make...
  6. Th3ZombieG4mer

    ✨[#1] CSGO Setup (Free version) v1.0.0

    This is one of the first MineStrike (AKA CSGO) premade setup, this setup is a free version and include few things, 2 pre-configured maps ready to play, map selector perk for vips, random join, custom texturepack with sounds, 3D weapons, molotovs, granades, etc (If you want a better experience...
  7. SolDev

    I Will Setup You Minecraft Server For 5$

    I can setup your Minecraft in 1 day and very fast and Store website too all this for 5$ Discord username: SolDeveloper#7124
  8. ModsRSad

    Premade Factions Server | Exclusive Server Files | 90 Plugins | Custom Plugins

    Info The server files were originally used on MCCulture that had 5 successful maps. No one has these server files and i will only be selling once. All plugins are fully configured and have no bugs or issues, about 70% of plugins are custom codded by developers and all source codes are included...
  9. LuckyFeed

    LUCKYFEED Network - Developers - Configurators - Economy specialists

    The listed positions on the title are paid or if you have little to no experience I can put you to the test and you can gain experience and paid if you are good at it! To get paid you must have a clean portfolio with reputable clients or you must show past work, Must show proof for every claim...
  10. G

    I want someone to setup my server(Lobby,KitPVP,Bedwar,ect.))

    we have a reward for this job if you interested pls leave a massege in my discord server discord.gg/pW6Mgy5 thank you
  11. RadioActive2k

    Factions Setup|1.8.8| Near Completion

    I am selling a factions server that is near completion. Most every aspect is finished. There are a couple of bugs, but it is mostly ready for release. Includes but not limited to: Perfect Economy Shop with a SellGUI SupplyCrates Rank and Staff Permissions Duels TimelessPvP Spawn and Warzone...