shop addon

  1. IcyIsADev

    [REQUEST] ShopGui+ Sell Menu

    Hey! I need a sell menu for shopgui+ that has EVERY item in 1.20 menu. I want it so that it’s easy to configure and the sell prices should be reasonable where thousands is super simple, millions is easy, billion is medium, trillion will be hard. Why do I want a high economy? Well I need it for a...
  2. gianxd

    Configuration Bedrock Shop - Gian1carlo v1.0

    What is this resource? This is a set up menu setup that you will be able to quickly buy and sell items for Bedrock players. Why buy this resource? This is one of the few resources from a ShopBedrock setup that is better structured, error-free and currently active What do I get when purchasing...
  3. ThisLightMan

    Ultimate Shop | Corebot Addon v1.0

    This addon requires Corebot v4.5. You are unable to get support if you do not have a valid Corebot license. If you have not purchased Corebot, please do not purchase this addon. Configuration File Language File
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