shopgui+ config

  1. oipika

    Factions ShopGUIPlus Configuration v1.0

    OVERVIEW This is only the configuration file for the plugin known as ShopGUI+. It supports versions 1.8 and above. Note: This setup was configured and tested on Spigot 1.8. These files modify everything so all you have to do is replace you old files with these and your ready to use it...
  2. MysterioStudio

    Shopgui+ Unique Purple Theme v1.0

  3. vosiekip

    ShopGUIPlus CONFIG | 1200+ ITEMS v1.3

    What is ShopGUIplus? The Premium Shopguiplus plugin provides players with a buy-and-sell shop. Giving the server an easy method to make a stable and fun economy. Buying, Players can buy items in small amounts or stacks, if configured correctly. Selling, Players can also sell items in small...
  4. PrimeDev2024

    Shop Gui+ Premium Configuration by Prime v1.0

    Hello guys today we are releasing our ShopGui Plus Configuration Why is our configuration different? We make 2 categories, Sell and Buy and on each you can change everything you can add new items and its look clean. We are using custom textures to make shop look great and for players to...
  5. IcyIsADev

    [REQUEST] ShopGui+ Sell Menu

    Hey! I need a sell menu for shopgui+ that has EVERY item in 1.20 menu. I want it so that it’s easy to configure and the sell prices should be reasonable where thousands is super simple, millions is easy, billion is medium, trillion will be hard. Why do I want a high economy? Well I need it for a...
  6. Brutal Studios

    ShopGUIPlus OneBlock CONFIGS v1.0

    • ⚙️ About Configuration This configuration for ShopGUIPlus is designed to be well-balanced and suitable for a wide range of servers. It includes 12 categories and over 1,200 items, making it ideal for OneBlock and SkyBlock gamemode. The configuration is fully customizable, with the ability to...
  7. nbsf

    Epic ShopGuiPlus Config - 4 Colors v1.0

    Epic ShopGuiPlus Config This exceptional configuration is designed to take your in-game shopping to new heights, offering a vast array of features that will leave you awestruck. Crafted specifically for Skyblock, our Epic ShopGuiPlus Config Our custom messages feature allows you to...
  8. Ultimate Setups

    ShopGuiPlus Configuration | 1100 Items v1.0

    The perfect ShopGUI+ Config for any 1.20 Survival Server with over 15 Categories and 1100+ Items! Need more information about config, you found a bug or have any questions? Feel free to contact me. (For the fastest answer, contact me on discord) DISCORD: ultimatesetups...
  9. Zalbus

    Quality ShopGUIPlus Configuration v1.6

  10. MysterioStudio

    Shopgui+ Unique Blue Theme v1.0

  11. KarlossMNF

    ShopGUIPlus | CUSTOM Config v1.0

  12. Ultimate Setups

    ShopGuiPlus Configuration | 800 Items v1.1

    The perfect ShopGUI+ Config for any 1.20 Survival Server with over 10 Categories and 800+ Items! Need more information about config, you found a bug or have any questions? Feel free to contact me. (For the fastest answer, contact me on discord) DISCORD: ultimatesetups...
  13. Efrain P

    Ultimate ShopGuiPlus Config v1.4

    OVERVIEW: This custom ShopGUI+ configuration is the best available in the market, ensuring that you won't need another ShopGuiPlus config. This premium resource provides a stable economy for your server. It includes more than +1,200 items so you don't have to spend weeks configuring it...
  14. Ultimate Setups

    ShopGuiPlus Configuration | 1200 Items v1.0

    Balanced economy for the following gamemode: ⊱ Survival ⊰ Configuration fully supports the plugins called "WildStacker & SilkSpawners" Blocks (4 Pages) Colored Blocks (8 Pages) Combat & Tools (3 Pages) Food (1 Page) Farming (1 Page) Dyes (1 Page) Mob Drops (1 Page) Minerals (2 Page) Redstone...
  15. VRXDev

    Looking for a balanced ShopGUI+ config made for a SMP.

    Hello, I am looking for a ShopGUI+ config made for a SMP. The SMP has griefing allowed, so things like TNT should be included in it. If anyone has a good configuration for me, or could make a custom one, please contact me on Discord (username: vrxdev)
  16. S


    Hi! I want to make a shop so that people can buy a permission as /fly I thought that i had set it up correctly but know when someone buys the perm they're only charged 1 dollar instead of the 50.000. Also because I use another plugin for /fly besides essentials, is there a way to add 2...
  17. Jiggy

    SHOPGUIPLUS - Shop Config v1.2

    Please check the documentation first before seeking help in the Discord Server (Buyers need to confirm their purchase to get support). Overview: Our ShopGUI+ configuration is the perfect addition to Minecraft 1.19.4 and 1.20.1, featuring a balanced economy that's ideal for a variety of game...
  18. P

    ShopGuiPlus Configuration 0,2 v0.1

    ShopGuiPlus - konfigurace /shop se 7 kategoriemi + váš obchod a SellGui (confiq) Konfigurace ShopGuiPlus | Zdrojový balíček bude k dispozici dříve Umožněte svým hráčům zažít úžasný zážitek z nakupování pomocí těchto jednoduchých nabídek. Co dostaneš? 7+1 kategorií (Block, Mob Drops, Farming...
  19. Rafalll

    ShopGUIPlus PREMIUM CONFIGS | 1276 ITEMS v3.1

    Create a unique, high-quality shop that you can offer to different players and create your own server where players will feel the uniqueness of your balanced economy, where players can buy or sell their items. ♚ The configuration includes: 15 categories in the main shop - 1276 items 3 shop...
  20. M

    I need a shopgui+ config for a slimefun survival server

    I need a hard economy and shops for shopgui+ slimefun survival server
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