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  1. Rafalll

    ShopGUIPlus NEW CONFIG || 1182 ITEMS 1.0

    Create a unique, high-quality shop that you can offer to different players and create your own server where players will feel the uniqueness of your balanced economy, where players can buy or sell their items. ♚ The configuration includes: [✔] 15 categories in the main shop - 1182 items! [✔]...
  2. GyckaLT

    ShopGUI+ or EconomyShopGUI Economy

    Hello, i need very hard economy server shop config files :)
  3. i4ndrew_

    ShopGuiPlus configuration | Spanish and English | 776 ITEMS | 18 CATEGORIES | 1.18+

    a setup made for the Spanish and English community.
  4. HypeStudios


    Main Menu MENU SHOP
  5. Mirofficial

    ShopGUIPlus + SilkSpawners - How to add Spawners to your shop?

    Hey! I am currently learning how ShopGUIPlus works and I want to learn how to implement your own Spawners with SilkSpawners. I already have the bridge installed Could someone probably just help me in the comments? Would be very much appreciated + could probably help others in the future if...
  6. Dotsis

    AS - ShopGUIPlus Configuration Pack 2.1.1

  7. Balker


    FEATURES 14 Categories (598 items) - Armor & Weapons - Tools - Ores - Mobdrops - Blocks - Colored Blocks - Decoration - Farm & Food - Wood - Potions - Redstone - Potions - Brewing Ingredients - Mob Eggs Supports 1.17-1.18 right now. Fancy GUI RGB Categories (name and...
  8. Shaff

    SHOPGUI CONFIG - Optimised for Playtime 1.0

  9. Undeletable

    ShopGUIPlus Config | NEW HEX THEMES 5.5.0

    SHOPGUIPLUS CONFIGURATION 1.100+ ITEMS WITH 10+ CATEGORIES • ⚙️ | About Configuration This is a balanced ShopGUIPlus Configuration designed for almost every server. Comes with 15 categories with over 1.100 items, best for SkyBlock, Survival and Factions gamemodes! Everything is customizable...
  10. Jpecak00


    WARNING: It may take longer to load the page because the images are too large. - ShopGUIPlus [Premium] - DeluxeMenus [FREE]
  11. theMackabu

    (Deluxemenus & ShopGuiPlus CONFIG) Simple Balanced Six Categories Supports SellGUI 0.1.4

    Item update soon! Leave a review if you liked it. Also tell me any criticisms if you have any! Comes with Six Categories, and is easy to setup. It is also free, but high quality. Main Menu: Sections: Buy Menu: Buy Hover: Sell All Hover: ShopGuiPlus...
  12. Crab.

    ShopGuiPlus Config | 6 Colors V1.0

    This is the one of the best ShopGUI+ Configurations on Mc-Market! Buy this configuration now while it is extra cheap, as there will be many more stuff that will be added soon! ╭ 2.99$ ╮ There are currently 10 high quality categories! There are currently 6 colors for every version! Well...
  13. RiznSun


    The ShopGUIPlus Redux is a configuration package for the popular plugin ShopGUI+, and this is the only dependency for the package. This configuration changes almost all aspects of the plugin, including the language (messages), the gui format (unique guis for each menu), as well as the overall...
  14. TrollingCake_

    ShopGUIPlus Custom Config (4 Colors) 1.0

    Custom configuration for lang.yml config.yml shops.yml of ShopGUIPlus for 1.8+! Comes in 4 different colors (Aqua, Yellow, Pink, Green). shops.yml contains only the items of 1.8 and not 100% of them. You may add more items on your own! Installation: - Install ShopGUIPlus - Restart your server...
  15. Eivor

    Holographic Shops 2.0

    If you are an op and if you want to create a shop; just right click to a step block with a stick then right click to the item that you want to sell (thelegendshop.createshop). If you want to edit or delete a shop, just right click with a stick once again. You can sell items with enchantments...
  16. Crab.

    ShopGuiPlus Configuration | Simple 2.0.3

    This custom advanced ShopGUIPlus Configuration has been created for advanced minecraft servers. Providing the user with fabulous features and unique shop style on your server, attracting people to a point they don't want to stop playing! 10+ Advanced Categories For Your Server! 600+ Items...
  17. Jxliette

    ⭐Custom ShopGuiPlus configurations ⭐ CHEAP ⭐

    Hey there! I'm selling custom ShopGuiPlus configurations for a small price. Depending on how many Categories there are, I'll charge and we can talk about the price in DMs. I'll make another one that you can buy instantly, but that one will probably have others using it. Send me a DM...
  18. Eternalic

    ✨Eternal's Configurations✨Eternal's Confi I have Some Cheap Configurations For ShopGUI+ That I made!

    ✨Eternal's Configurations! I have Some Cheap Configurations For ShopGUI+ That I made! LINKS Balanced Economy,Very Cheap...
  19. Bonitic

    I Can Fully Config Your ShopGui+ (Cheap)

    I do ShopGui+ Configs for Minecraft servers Discord: Bonitic#6607

    [NEW] ShopGUIPlus Configuration | 12 Categories | 350+ Items | 1.7 - 1.16 | 3.99USD v2.4

    Version: 1.7.x [✔] Version: 1.8.x [✔] Version: 1.12.x [✔] Version: 1.13.x [✔] Version: 1.14.x [✔] Version: 1.15.x [✔] Version: 1.16.x [✔]
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