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  1. wizard-chan

    Chatbox Timestamp Improvement.

    I've seen people get pinged for running their ads every 20 minutes exactly, and the chatbox rounding the (x) minutes ago side section up to the nearest minute, or somehow being incorrect. If possible, having a hover-over for the exact timestamp of the message seems like a solution. Small issue...
  2. Croc

    More "fake" emojis

    I've given up trying to get Mick to implement support for real unicode emojis, so he should give the site more "fake" emojis like NamePros.
  3. Croc (Domain + Site)

    The domain includes all the files for the site at time of purchase. There is a PHP script that automatically displays the screenshots on the page when uploaded to a specific folder. If you purchase this, I can show you how to make your screenshots upload automatically after capture to minimize...
  4. Cyprus

    Ability of making ShoutBox Private Rooms

    Oke I think I speak for all when I say that this is an AMAZING idea that should be implemented. To reduce the abuse of it, let's say it's a Supreme only perk and that each private room lasts for 3 hours max (can remake them after 3 hours) and that you invite up to 5 members, makes whisper group...
  5. AdityaTD

    SB available to non-premium users with Custom Currency!

    Hey there, so I have an idea, why not let non-premium members use ShoutBox but it requires particular reputation to access it. How does that sound? Regards, Aditya
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