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  1. TheEpicPun

    Youtubers for my small factions server

    Hello I just recently created a small factions server and would like small youtubers to come on and make videos and stream. The server was just released on sunday so the player count is very low but that is where you guys come in, I am willing to pay for content creation as well as give in game...
  2. T

    New Op Towny Server - 1.16.1

    My Happy Place is an OP Towny server with PvP and WAR enabled Server Highlights - v1.16.1 - OP Enchanted Books. Some up to level 10. 190+ New Enchants! - Craft & Wear Armored Elytra's - Auction House - BattlePass - Crates - Essentials - Towny - Jobs -...
  3. jordan540

    Prime Survival

    Enhance your survival experience with Prime Survival Prime Survival is just as it says, survival at its prime! With player market, grief prevention, advanced armour stands and many more, Prime takes the survival you know and love and makes it even greater! Here at Prime, our friendly staff...
  4. Zirak

    SilkSpawners egg patch?

    Hey! So I am having the same issue everyone else seems to have. When I right-click a spawner with say a cegg, it changes the spawner type. I wondered if anyone could create a plugin to fix this?
  5. Robert30


    Hello! Do you need a Rankup System? You've found the perfect one! Cheap and quality! This system has the permissions and kits included! 9 Different Ranks Elite Rank Hero Rank Legend Rank Champion Rank Titan Rank Pro Rank Ultra Rank Platinum Rank Immortal Rank Commands The only...
  6. Tag

    SHOPGUI+ CONFIG [Universal] only $1.50! (50% OFF RELEASE SALE) 1.0

    ♛ Premade Shop GUI ♛ ∽ Images
  7. HungryGuy

    full set up server 2 ranks essentials anti grief custom enchants shop and more

    full set up server 2 ranks 1) hongerlid: 3 homes 1 pv and /feed 2) hongerman: 5 homes 3 pv's and /feed heal aandd /nick and permission to make own shop everyone has access to /tpa and /tpaccept there are many custom enchants mobdisguise and more 2 kits also only for the ranks ;) /fly only for...
  8. General_

    SilkSpawner Config Help

    Hello... I was wondering if it's possible to set a limit on a group on how many spawners they can place For example Default: 1 Vip: 5 Testrank: 10 The numbers represents on how many they can place. If its possible where can i find it Thanks.
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