1. Brice

    Exclusive S Logo v1.0

    This logo is a bold S logo that if need be can work as SC or just an S. A somewhat more simplified version of the spikeball logo, in that case, I may not advise it to use in the outdoor recreation scene, however, it works everywhere else. I put every varying color schemes that may work for your...
  2. Candor Studios

    ❖ Candor Studios ❖ - Minecraft Building, Organics, and Terraforming!

  3. R34LZ

    [B A Y S Graphics] Logos, Banners, Icons & more

    Skype - spysnake5 or live:spysnake5 If my skype username does not work for you and you want to order something please add a comment here or PM me. Portfolio: I have moved my weebly portolio to carbonmade because recently weebly has problems with my website. Old...
  4. R34LZ

    [NEW] Bay's Graphics Shop | LOGOS | ICONS | THUMBNAILS | CUSTOM

    If you have visited this thread before you probably notice one of the banners missing. I have removed it due to my prices, I don't like them, they're too high. So now a new price edit. I'll make a new thread design asap. PRICE EDIT: ANY PRICES - BASED ON YOUR REQUEST (Comfortable Price) SKYPE...
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