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  1. Omidius

    PickpocketsPlus [1.8 - 1.16+] 50% SALE ! v1.3

    Omidius presents... PickpocketsPlus ✦-=-=-=-=-=-✦-=-=-=-=-=-✦ This is a lightweight plugin designed to add a new mechanic to the game where players can sneak and click on another player to open up their inventory for a short period of time and steal some of their items! This plugin is...
  2. Zanckor

    ⭐Pack of 3D Models ⭐

    Week Pack - It is a Skyrim themed pack, with 3 different models, a bow, another sword and finally a mask. - (The bow have 3 differents animations) [ Price: $ 12 ] + Formats: .obj .java .json _________________________________________________________________________ Rune mini-pack -...
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