slot rental

  1. Gordo

    Add Tags to the Slots section

    The Slots category has tags for popular websites like .ORG and MCSL, however I think it would be good to add tags for and because they are also slot websites, although they are newer, they are quite common now. Also not sure if it is me, but I think the tags for...
  2. Minecav

    Advertising for February

    Minecav is looking to advertise in some rentable server list slots. (Not interested in signature slots, sorry) P Please reply here. We have skype but prefer to work with you here. Thank you.
  3. Fenix

    TOP G Slot (Top Category)

    Hey everyone, after missing the opportunity to give this slot a try with other users selling it, I decided to just get it myself. It is actually not a bad slot for the price. If you want to get your server started, this is a great way to do it without paying hundreds for the big guys. No, it...
  4. Shane1199 Slot Rental

    Looking to get some more players this January? The majority of the server lists are still fairly high for the prices. Here you can add a few more players with a few dollars. I do not offer hourly rates. All slots alternate places, so this will get to be at the top.
  5. A - 11/24 - 12/8 - Slot #3

    Still renting the slot, but for higher prices. Feel free to add me on skype:
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