1. ItzSlash_

    ApgeSlotMachine v1.1

    ⭐- Slot Display Moving -⭐ ⭐- All Matched -⭐ ⭐- Two Matched -⭐ ⭐- None Matched -⭐ ⭐- Slot Machine Teleporter -⭐ ⭐- Slot Machine Editor -⭐ ⭐- Slot Machine Remover -⭐ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  2. Joysilvio

    Casino - Economy Plugin

    Please read the entire thread! Greetings, I would like to present my new Casino plugin. The plugin currently features two game modes: the slot machines and the wheel of fortunes. All player-interactions with the plugin are configurable (e.g. messages, rewards, broadcast radius etc...). The...
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