1. PixelMine

    Discord Emoji Graphics v1.0

    100 Discord Emoji Sprites Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop 1.19+ compatible
  2. Blasthappy

    Add a smh smiley.

    I have seen more and more users recently saying "smh" which means shaking my head. I think there should be a smiley for it. Tell me your thoughts below.
  3. Croc

    Add new Smilies!

    As we all know, the MLP fandom gets bigger and bigger everyday and today there are a few notable bronies on MC-Market that I know of. They include Croc, Mitch, Aireesan and Ferdz There are probably many more closet bronies that haven't come out of their shell! I am suggesting to add a SINGLE...
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