1. Malo7z

    Bedwars map - Ruins v1.0

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  2. xLyam

    Space SkyWars Setup - EN/ES v3.1.0

    👨‍🚀 HELLO ASTRONAUTS 👨‍🚀 You just found the best Skywars setup your server needs! Here you can find some features like: LSolo Mode, Team Mode, Ranked Mode, Rankup System, Custom Maps, Custom Menus Language System, Rewards, StatusTags & more. Our current price is low since this setup is at 20%...
  3. Sealflipper

    Solo Builder Specializing in Medieval Style

    Hi! I offer many skills for any builds you may require. My best fields are in the medieval style, interior decorating and terraforming. However, I also dabble in the modern, apocalyptic and rustic styles. I also enjoy map art and can create the logos of your server for you. I can do many...
  4. HyperBeast

    Professional Builders

    Hello! I am creating a builder team for a pre-made builds website. I am currently looking for 8 builders. In order to apply, you must be 13+, have a ready portfolio, and must have at least one year's worth of experience in building. You will get 80% of the money your builds generate, the...
  5. P


    Need a good skywars map as soon as possible that is already done? Buy it here! Map name/theme: Forest Starting price: 5$ Increase price by: 0.5$ Current price: 5$
  6. ItsTheGuv

    Ultimate SkyWars (Hypixel Setup) (SoulWell)

    A Spigot Premium Resource PURCHASE PLUGIN HERE (SALE $10!) Thanks for 31 purchases! TESTED MINECRAFT VERSIONS: 1.8-1.9.2 This plugin is going under a documentation rewrite! The description is currently being written! This is a plugin that is based of the SkyWars a mini-game consisting with...