1. Risu

    Sleek Soon | Your All-In-One Teaser v1.0

    Seeking a Sleek, Customizable Coming Soon Page? Look no further! This website is perfect for teasing your current and future audience. Live Demo: here Features: Countdown Variety (countdown, bar, radial) Custom Animations (6 dynamic types) Effortless Gradient Magic (Easy Configuration)...
  2. fil

    Pendulum Skyblock ✤ Recruiting Staff and Content Creators

    Pendulum Skyblock is a server that's growing fast! =✤= We offer an easy to play skyblock server with tons of awesome features to amplify your experience, while also introducing some RPG elements such as dungeons, mob arena, and custom gear. We're looking for individuals who are not only...
  3. Declutter

    ⚡Skyvade | Coming Soon⚡

    Skyvade is an upcoming Minecraft server where we strive to put the community needs first. In just over a week, we have made extraordinary progress on the server, we have already spent amounts in the hundreds to ensure this server can be up to standard for the community and for ourselves, and...
  4. JustJarvoo

    Requesting If any of you guys would like to come and work on a cool server!

    Hey guys my name is JustJarvoo and I'm here to talk to you all about a server I'm currently working on! The server is called GiftedMC but hopefully will soon be changed to VorceNetwork and we are under development and are in need of staff at the moment. If you are interested in becoming a staff...
  5. Mahan

    Survey: Please read, it is for an upcoming minecraft plugin

    Hi everyone, Me and my team have been discussing for a week now and we have finished planning stages of a very big plugin that will be released for free for all minecraft owners. Unfortunately we cannot reveal much information about what the plugin will be just yet, I hope you understand. This...
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