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  1. MenusS


    SoundCloud Plays | @ $2/100k SoundCloud Followers | @ $2/k SoundCloud Likes | @ $2/k SoundCloud Reposts | @ $2/k SoundCloud Comments | @ $1/100 SoundCloud Downloads | @ $1/k Accepting PayPal F&F / BTC tay#9000
  2. STPS

    Thread Feedback

    Made a simple "Soundcloud boosting service" thread, might be on sale if someone is interested in opening a service like this. Take a look and let me know your thoughts! The big ass watermark is not part of the design.
  3. Umejii

    Opinions on music?

    Hey everyone, long time no see. A while ago I decided to take a break from the internet as a whole and I kind of quit MC-Market and Minecraft as a whole. During that time I've been working on my music and (hopefully) improving, and I'm back again just to ask for some opinions! My latest (and...
  4. V

    Noteblock Song - "Revival"

    Hey! If you've seen any of my previous tracks, you'd know that I create EDM and house music. Before that, I had created a couple of Minecraft noteblock songs before I transitioned to traditional music. I decided to take a step back and revisit noteblock music. This was the result: I plan to...
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