1. MaGiiK

    Dedicated Server | [N.A.] OVH OR SYS ONLY

    Hello, I am interested in taking over a contract on an OVH dedicated server, or to take over a non commitment SYS / OVH Dedicated Server. If you have a server that you are looking to get rid of, please use the template below, and comment to this thread. If you are trying to resell me a...
  2. BlakeTheAdmin

    [$900+ In Sales] the nahventure network - OP Prison / Survival / PvP / Creative / Skyblock

    Hey guys, owner of nahventure network. Looking to sell as I am a full time student and cannot afford to put in the time and money needed. What you get: - Twitter account - Discord (100+ Members) - Minecraft servers (Bungeecord, hub, Skyblock, Survival, OP Prison, Creative) (IP...
  3. Terrum

    FREE Headless Remote Windows Installation for Your Server (Hetzner, OVH, SoYouStart and more!)

    As a special deal to everyone, I am offering a completely FREE service to have Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 installed onto your Hetzner, SoYouStart / OVH / Kimsufi or Linux machine. A Linux distribution must be installed, preferrably Debian, and the specifications of the machine must meet the...
  4. 24214

    Soyoustart dedicated server/multicraft help

    Hello, I'm a owner of a dedicated server running linux debian and i have no skill in fixing whatever issues that arrive from it. Currently i realized that i cannot access FTP on multicraft or the putty, and need someone that can look into the soyoustart (ovh) panel and use their skills to...
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