spigot plugins

  1. Domino69

    Domino | Freelancing Services | Cheap Prices | Plugin Development ⭐⭐⭐

    Hello, if you are interested in hiring a developer that can help you in any sort of plugin and for a cheap price? Here you go! Here you can find how much I charge for a plugin: Small Plugin - 3-50 $ (Really depends on the complexity of the plugin, and the time I spend on making it); Medium...
  2. Shiryu

    [Free] Bring your plugin ideas to the life

    Hey my name is Shiryu and I'm coding spigot plugins professionally for 3+ years. I worked with youtube channels who 2 million+ subscriber in Turkey and Made a lot of good works but I don't have something to work on these days so I need good ideas for my plugins so I decided to ask mc-market for...
  3. MrIvanPlays

    MrIvanPlays | JDA Bot Developer

  4. F

    Five's Development Studio

    Five’s Development Studio Hey! Welcome to Five’s Development Studio. I offer custom-made plugins for you to use on your Minecraft servers. I will make almost anything, just message me using the contact details at the bottom of the article. Small: Small plugins are usually very basic to...
  5. skittles

    I need a paid job.

    Hello kind people on the internet! I am looking for a Spigot/Bukkit plugin developer position. I'd like it to be paid. We can discuss payment. I don't have a portfolio at the moment, so I'll just tell you about myself. I am a Spigot plugin developer and I have been working on plugins for over 5...
  6. R

    Minecraft plugins for low price!

    Hello, I'm new to Minecraft Market and I am offering my spigot development services. I can code simple-medium spigot only plugins for versions 1.12-1.12.2. Please DM me using discord: roie123400010#1699 so I can see if I can code your plugin. Low prices per plugin! EDIT: I've developed for some...
  7. dveloped

    dveloped Services - Fast ⚡| Professional Quality ⭐

    Contact: DO NOT MESSAGE ON HERE OR COMMENT BELOW! Request Form: http://www.dveloped.net/custom-service-request/ Vouches/Reviews: https://www.dveloped.net/reviews/ I thank you for your time and I hope to be doing business with you!
  8. Meeran

    Free Small/Medium Plugins | MeeranCoding

    MeeranCoding Free plugins for you and your server :) Basic Info: Do you want a free plugin for your server? Not too big (e.g HCF plugin too big etc), Well you found the right place. All you have to do is reply with the template and the plugin will be made! Why: This is to help me learn to...
  9. MrToucan

    MrToucan's Development Service - Spigot/Bukkit Plugins, Websites & Full Setups

    Hello, my name is MrToucan and I am Java developer. I began playing minecraft around 2013. Ever since 2014, I have been actively developing minecraft servers, plugins and websites and I enjoy doing it! Currently, I have around 5 plugins on spigot - my most popular being PotPvP+ - and I plan on...
  10. F

    XPEffects [XP Levels -> Potions] [Full Customization] [Custom Perms] v1.0

    XPEffects (versions 1.8.8+) XPEffects is a new way to reward players for their grinding. You can control the GUI completely, including the size, name, and every item and which slot they are in. All messages are also custom and support color codes. Any potion effects (not just potion bottles) are...
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