1. Dobblo

    Custom Musket - Napoleonic Tech v1.0

    This pack has everything you need to start up your own Napoleonic / Colonial group! Below you can find everything that is included within this pack. – Capturepoint templates, easy to setup. – Custom Loadout system, easy to add more – Advance Horses, effect morale, Mocap animations and so much...
  2. Nikoloz

    Squad - Party System v1.0

    Simple squad/party system that displays your squad’s health and can also manage squads, invite players and create squads in the UI. Use a chat command “!invite [username]” to invite people to the squad you have created.
  3. ShadowCorp

    Squad System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Cheap and Simple Squad System This system allows players to create squads and invite other players to their squads. Perfect for roleplays or missions Simple To configure Simple To Modify Invite Feature Create Squads With Custom Names Filtered Squad Name Settings For Changing Invite permission...
  4. K

    *POTENTIALLY UPCOMING* Gangs/Teams/Squads Plugin

    Hello! I have a gangs plugin that I made a while ago. It has a decent amount of features as-is, and I am planning to add a lot onto it (list of planned features is long and include some unique stuff). The current plugin has no bugs to my knowledge and runs smoothly. My only worry is that I'll...
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