1. MCLaraTeam

    Setup SquidGame Netflix Series Game| 7 Games, MultiArena, Languages, BungeeCord, Map and more v2.6

    Setup SquidGame features: SquidGames ready. SquidGamesPlus ready. Skript ready. Citizens ready. MythicMobs ready. ModelEngine ready. VoidGenerator ready. ViaVersion ready. ViaBackwards ready. ViaRewind ready. BungeeCord support. Multi arenas support. Alone arena support. Addons support. Multi...
  2. Juako

    [NEW] SQUID GAME SETUP | Multi Arena, 4 Games, Full Config, Updates, Boards, Lobbys, Map, etc v1.5

    Hello! Looking for Squid Games Setup in Minecraft? Then this setup may interest you! below you will see everything about this configuration and images and gifs, remember that this configuration I will be improving, updating, and completing all the missing games NOW IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH (Para...
  3. MCLaraTeam

    SquidGames MiniGame the Netflix Series SquidGame | MultiArena, MultiLanguages, BungeeCord, and more v3.8

    SquidGames features: BungeeCord support. Multi arenas support. Alone arena support. Multi language support (English and Spanish). Basic support. The 3 games that appear in the series. Arena basic configuration system. Game Green And Red Light: Basic game configuration. The doll will send...
  4. TyFoxy


    Welcome all, by the titles you are expect something with Skydoesminecraft right? Well, this is no trick, this is a legitimate offer to those who wish to be the first pioneers to help this project out! We have a funding page we'd like to share if you would like behind the scenes access, ranks...
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