staff chat

  1. Vifez

    vStaffChat | Simple staff chat v1.0

    vStaff Chat | 1.8+ Staff chat Welcome to vStaff chat, An extremely simple staff chat plugin that provides all your needs for a staff chat, This is a very light weight plugin and wont take up much space on your server and will not decrease any performance at all since how small and optimized it...
  2. Paceski

    [1.7-1.17] Staff Chat v0.1

    Staff Chat is a simple plugin that gives your staff opportunity to type with eachother. Features Everything is configurable & customizable. Send messages without typing command. (/sctoggle) Toggling off staff chat. (/scdisable) Reloading config. (/screload) AdminChat &...
  3. Brent_

    Easy Staff Chat Skript v1.1

    * The Skript plugin is required * Welcome to my staff chat skript page! This is a very easy-to-use staff chat skript. You can toggle staff chat. Meaning all the messages you send will be in the staff chat. You can also send a message in staff chat without toggling it. Permissions...

    [NEW] ⚡️ ULTRA BUNGEE SETUP ⚡️| ✨ Parties, Friends, AntiBot, Global Ranks, Anti-VPN & much more..! ✨

    ⚡ ULTRA BUNGEE SETUP ⚡ This is bungee setup for little and big networks, new on MCM, with parties, friends, anti-bot, anti-VPN, maintenance mode, skin changer, custom Motd, fake players, plugin hider, staff chat, report system, 3 global ranks, clean and hight quality configurations, no premium...
  5. NotBadSyntax

    StaffChat+ [Discord & Bungee with Redis support!][40% OFF] v2.2.6

    Test server IP: | Discord: If you will run the plugin for the first time, it will download all libs... Simply reload the plugin and you are ready to go! OR DO NOT USE THE REVIEW SECTION FOR...
  6. Externality

    Staff chat + Online staff GUI

  7. xph11

    PowerfulStaffChat v1.0

    THIS RESOURCE IS NO LONGER MAINTANED AND IS NOW ABANDONED. PowerfulStaffChat is a plugin that aims towards helping your staff members communicate more easily and efficiently while ingame. With this plugin, you can have cross-server staff chat, so if one staff member is in Survival, and...
  8. dawn

    Staff Chat Configuration - FREE - HQ - ALL COLOURS v1.0

    Features - All colours available - Aesthetically pleasing - Extremely Customizable - Free! Donations are highly appreciated and allow me to do more of these free resources! Donate via PP w/ [email protected] If you have any issues, questions, or concerns, feel free to message me via the...
  9. BGHDDevelopment

    BungeeSuite v2.1

    All plugins support versions 1.8-1.20.x Bungee Suite is a collection of our Bungeecord plugins! Purchasing this resource provides a download to all the plugins on this page. BungeeAnnounce Commands & Permissions /announce - bungee.announce Images BungeeHelpOP Commands & Permissions /helpop...
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