staff help

  1. Bugzii

    VergoMC Factions - Youtubers/Staff Needed/Trailer Help

    What's good MCMarket, " VergoMC prides itself in the dedication it offers to it's community and the hard work we put into development and ensuring we offer the perfect experience for all players. We promise a quality lag-free experience on our server', and a safe and enjoyable time for...
  2. E

    Solaris Network! Currently in the works and needs staff.

    So currently Solaris Network is recruiting staff members, developers, builders. Requirements: Rep On MC-Market 15 years old(will make exceptions) Know what you are doing if you are a developer and must have some past work. If you are wanting to be staff then know what you are doing and...
  3. wavy

    Recruiting Staff Large Server

    Hello my name is Mitch and i have finished building and configuring this server, I am most happy for anyone to come join the Crew, The server has tons of games including, Survival, Prison, Pvp and more. please contact me to put in applications! Discord: mitchfinn#0329
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