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  1. M

    Looking for servers too work on (Big Networks Released)

    Hello McMarket I hope you are all doing well today, I will be listing my requirements in this and please be respectful and comment your discord if your serious. If need necessary will be shared in on discord dms. Requirements: Owners of servers must be over 18 Have a Mature Team Must be...
  2. Sylar

    ⪼ KlepticNetworks pre-release/Staff Applications

    Hello! PrideAndLust here, Creator of the Network. (What we are:)) I have Cracked the server for a larger playerbase (only premium players can apply) The Network is a start off of 3 servers. SkyPvP, Kingdom Slimefun and OneBlock SkyPvP is a sky PvP battles where members can collect loot and...
  3. T

    Happy to Help for medium to big size networks

    Hi my name is Brandon.I have been staff on many servers and I would like to make it to the next level. Requirements: -Great Owners -Must be hcf,factions,or survival. -Must have a team that is actually mature. -Must be released -Must average 35+ players. My servers I have staffed on...
  4. Skullopia


  5. Anhra

    SabaMC Recruitment

    We are in need of a staff team to help assist the growth of the server, Its a network server in development. If you think you'd like to join our server and assist it as a staff You can apply on the link below ( You must join the discord as well which will be below ) We are looking for staff...
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