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staff mode

  1. C

    SketchSM - Ultimate Staff-Mode plugin

    Freeze + FreezeGUI (Anti Self-destruct) Inventory Inspect Enhanced player list to stop players from using tricks to find out how many staff are on Clicks per second checker with a configurable amount of seconds it checks Random Teleport (Does not teleport to staff) With MinerTP Clear chat...
  2. Anndrew

    [$4.00] Moderator+ | Staff Mode [1.8-1.15]

    Moderator+ | Ultimate Staff Plugin You can purchase this resource here Test Server: ✔️ Fully Customizable Staff Mode ✔️ Inventory Saving When Entering Staff Mode ✔️ Custom Vanish System ✔️ Toggleable Staff Chat ✔️ Freeze Module with GUI & File Logging (data.yml) ✔️ CPS...
  3. NotSoBoop

    DarkCore - Massive Utilities Plugin 1.0

    DarkCore is a new plugin that is meant to help make server management a ton easier. Here are the full capabilities of DarkCore: Features list: Server management features including: Bans Kicks Mute ClearChat Temporary bans IP Bans Vanish Freeze Slowchat Command Creator (create commands like...
  4. Fleekinq

    Champion - STAFF MODE PLUGIN 1.1

    Code: Screenshots: Contact: Skype...
  5. JackO_O

    Lotus Request 2.0

    Request send: Request Notification Staff: Request permissions: chat.request Delay time 1 minute
  6. Vrekt

    Price for my plugin?

    Hey I've recently made a staff plugin, could anybody appraise the price maybe? All features and screenshots below. Features: - Vanish, including opening chests without others seeing it and more things. Cancels block breaking, block placing, picking up items, dropping items, etc. - Ice block to...
  7. Ninja1

    ★ Ninja's Plugin Outlet ★

    Hello reader, today I will be selling a couple of different plugins for cheap. These plugins were custom made for people and/or for my own server, however the deal did not go through, and now you have the chance to grab them for cheap here at the plugin outlet! And here are the plugins...
  8. P

    HCF/Practice Staff Mode

    Hello, looking for a staff mode plugin. I have tried out many free one's but yeah they're not cutting it for me and I need a staff mode with these requirements. -/m Puts them into gamemode 1 All people with the staff mode permission will be able to see each other. They are vanished for all...
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