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  1. UwWumpus

    wStaff - The ultimate moderation plugin. [1.17-1.18]

    (( Click Image For Discord Invite )) Use coupon "promotion20" for 20% off when purchasing wStaff, be fast, it has limited uses! FAQ; Q: Why should we trust you and this plugin? A: I have many customers already outside of MC-Market as you can see in my Discord. I have a "vouches" channel where...
  2. UwWumpus

    wStaffmode - A modern moderation plugin [1.8-1.12] [.jar]

    Temporarily removed... Updating pending :)
  3. Undeletable

    Practice Setup | Flame 6.6.1

    PRACTICEPVP SETUP WITH 25+ KITS AND 250+ CUSTOM ARENAS • ⚙️ | About Setup Customized PracticePvP Setup for all type of players. Practice is a PvP based gamemode where you need to show your PvP skills. Each win, you gain elo and players with the most elo goes to the top of the leaderboard...
  4. Anndrew

    Moderator+ | 1.8-1.16 | Ultimate Staff Mode 1.1.4

    Moderator+ | Ultimate Staff Mode Perfect moderator mode for any type of server. Supports versions 1.8-1.16. ✔️ Fully Customizable Staff Mode ✔️ Inventory Saving When Entering Staff Mode ✔️ FeatherBoard Hook ✔️ Custom Vanish System ✔️ Toggleable Staff Chat ✔️ Freeze Module with GUI & File...
  5. R

    iStaff [Professional Moderation Tool] 1.5.5

    -=[iStaff Professional Moderation Tool]=- [Basic Commands] [Configuration Files] iFreeze its a remoduled freeze system with two modes. First mode its not recommended, its the classic freeze, player cant move. Second one it opens a menu fully configurable: When freezes a...
  6. TacticalLuke

    Simple, Clean StaffMode Plugin ($4)

    Hello! I am now offering the product on my Selly page: Before you look on (I know everyone asks) please note that I do have resell rights to this plugin. The developer has given me permission to resell this plugin (look below in the comments) For extensive...
  7. A

    StaffMode Plugin (VeltPvP/Arcane/MineHQ copy)

    I would like to buy a Staffmode Plugin like VeltPvP's or Arcane's or MineHQ's (10$/20$) Staffmode Items: Slot 1: Compass Slot 2: Inventory Inspection Book Slot 3: Wand (If player has worldedit.* permissions) Slot 4: Orange Carpet (If player does't have worldedit.* go to slot 3) Slot 8: Online...
  8. BGHDDevelopment

    StaffModeGUI2 1.2

    Also available here: staffmodegui.flymenu - Use the fly menu staffmodegui.vanishmenu - Use the vanish menu staffmodegui.mobmenu - Use the mob menu staffmodegui.trollmenu - Use the troll Menu Video Overview! PICTURES: (Version 0.1) CONFIG...
  9. JavaList

    jMod 1 | StaffMode | MySQL | Configurations | Scoreboard | StaffProtection and more ! 1.4

  10. MSWS

    StaffMode (Simple, Non Abusable) 1.0

    StaffMode is just like all your other regular staff maintenece plugins! It allows your staff members to go into vanish, hidden from other players, and examine their actions with ease. It is also impossible to abuse, as StaffMode logs the following statistics when the player goes toggle...
  11. BryanC

    [Legacy Version] || StaffCore || Staffmode / Staff Utils / Ban Management Must Have!

    This is the Legacy (1.13+) Version. If you are planning to use StaffCore in a 1.13+ Version, please visit the Updated StaffCore version! About StaffCore (SC) SC is a Staffmode / Staff Utilities / Ban Management plugin that is lightweight, user-friendly and 100% customizable. SC was originally a...
  12. Rhip

    StaffMode needed.

    So basically I need a staffmode for a practice server! Slot 1: Compass ( /jumpto /thru) Slot 2: Book (Inventory inspector) Slot 3: Music Disc (Random Teleport) Slot 4: (Nothing) Slot 5: Packed Ice (Freeze // Screenshare) Slot 6: (Nothing) Slot 7: Gray Dye / Lime Dye (Gray when unvanished) (Lime...
  13. chelsea1124

    Server StaffMode [Beta] 4.0

    Need help with coding or my plugins join the discord This is a Minecraft plugin that allows your staff to go into a mode that will give them items they can use to spectate or catch hackers more easily it will also mean that they can use this to stop getting damaged while trying to catch a...
  14. Mr_Replete

    Staffmode [FREE] [FREEZE-GUI] and more 0.5

    Features - Freeze (GUI) ✔ - Vanish ✔ - RandomTP ✔ - Verif (Player Inventory) - Follow ✔ - Speed ✔ - CPSAlert ✔ - GodMode ✔ - Report ✔ - StaffChat ✔ Infos Freeze -> GUI Freeze Vanish -> You can decide if staffers can see other staffers (While vanish is on) Verif -> OutPut...
  15. W

    Staff Mode

    hi im looking for a developer who can code a custom staff mode must be version 1.11.2 just like other hcf's server one compass to teleport Book to inspect peoples inventory Blaze rod to freeze player(s) and if they quit while frozen it auto perm ban Shows a gui of online staff Random teleport...
  16. SnipingVSATSS

    Admin Mode / Staff Mode Plugin - Easy to use!

    Admin / Staff Mode Plugin Description: You go into a "Admin / Staff Mode," in which you can see another players inventory, a compass (Need Essentials in order to use this) and much more! Price: FREE! PROOF OF OWNERSHIP Dependencies: None! Essentials is recommended for the Compass and the...
  17. Avy

    StaffMode Plugin

    Delete please.
  18. TypinqMS


    Helper Staff Mode Proof of Ownership : This Plugin contains many cool features that is included and added soon! Xray Catcher: Xray Catcher (No Miners under y:20): Xray Catcher(Miners under...
  19. Sinnethh

    StaffMode Skript (In Making)

    Hello MCM Users, recently I have been setting up a StaffMode Skript with a lot of Features. What I'm basically asking is for some ideas to put into the staffmode, What I'v already got in it is Inventory GUI: - Reports - Freeze - Vanish changer - Gamemode Changer - Speed Changer - Inspect -...
  20. C

    Need someone to create me a plugin StaffMode

    Hello I looking for someone who could do me this plugin is for my server HCF course I know this is not the proposed free kick me an offer . And im sorry for my English french. Commands: /staffmode - Puts you into Staff Mode and takes you out of Staff Mode when typed again. Alias's...
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