1. BuildSide

    Statue Pack 5x v1.3

    Description: • Statue Pack ready for your use •Minecraft versions : 1.8+ - 1.19.+ 3D MODEL : HERE Includes: • Statues 5x Additional Information: Schematics World Bedrock ❯ 1.8+ ❯ 1.8+ ❯ .mcworld ❯ 1.12+ ❯ 1.12+ ❯ 1.16+ ❯1.16+ ❯ 1.19+ ❯ 1.19+ IMPORTANT! Before loading the...
  2. TerraGold

    Greece Spawn | FREE v1.0

    Informations This spawn have a Greek Theme Recommended for Survival servers Spawn is 100x100 dimension The map will come with 2 Folder One for Schematic and one for a Individual World. This map works from version 1.8+ Made with love from Romania by TerraGold Community...
  3. Jonny324

    Greek Spawn

    Greek Spawn themed Size: 350x350 Minecraft version: 1.8 Contacts: Discord (Jonny324#7977) or Inbox Payment method: PayPal Price: Negotiable ,for more information contact me
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