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streamer wanted

  1. Chaptr

    Looking for 1k - 15k sized youtubers | Prisons / Skyblock

    Im looking for any Prisons / Skyblock content creator to become a partner on my OP Prisons network TidalMC. We release 9/3/22 @ 2pm EST and am in need of people to stream / record $$$ DM me for more details chaptr#0001
  2. Zaphiels

    Looking Streamers Must be (free)

    i am looking streamers to play my minecraft server (GTA) but you dont need have alot followers like 800+ i will give you Youtber rank (and some extra items Like you can giveaway Buycraft gift card wort 10-25usd) My discord server Zaphiels#6969
  3. H

    Paying Small Streamers And Content Creators to Stream On Server

    Paying Small Streamers And Content Creators to Stream On Server Discord - Huntah#4353
  4. JoshedCraft

    ✨Streamers Needed (PAID)✨

    ✨STREAMERS NEEDED✨ JoshedCraft are currently looking for a streamer to partner with! Requirements Over 500 followers Over 15 average viewers Atleast 2 streams on JoshedCraft per week Pay depends on how big your channel is. DM Jxshed#2222 ON DISCORD IF YOUR INTERESTED

    Hiring Streamers (PAID)

    DM G3TJOSHED#2218 ON DISCORD IF YOUR INTERESTED I am looking to hire a streamer for JoshedCraft. I am happy to provide you with a rank in game and in the discord and pay through paypal. Send me a discord message if you are interested.
  6. Sachin

    Streamer Needed for minecraft GTA Server

    Recently, me and a few other developers have released a new gta-based minecraft server and we are in dire need of a streamer to boost the servers player base for around an hour. My current budget is $50 USD (negotiable can increase if needed) and I'm looking for someone who can do a 1 hour...
  7. Lme999

    Looking for YouTubers and Streamers [Factions]

    Hey! The Crafting Crafter Network has just reset and we are looking for YouTubers and Twitch streamers to do content creation for our server. This is an unpaid position, and we are looking for English youtubers and streamers, however for people that apply for our YouTuber or Twitch ranks you...
  8. S

    Youtuber - or - Streamer

    Hey everyone I run a factions and soon to be RPG-Factions server. My server kicked off 2 weeks ago, and it seems to be doing well. We have tons of custom features, which I can tell you more about if you are interested. We have around 5-10 people on during the week and on weekends 10-15 people. I...
  9. Rokaaa

    Advertisers needed

    Hello Everyone, I'm Roka a partial owner in a network called SerenityGames I'm looking for Youtubers and Streamers to help advertise our Custom network we've been working on which is also completed if you wish to look at it (IP: Website: We only currently...
  10. Axerity

    Streamers/YouTubers/Hub/Network for OP Prison Server.

    Hey MCM! I own a dying server known as Fatality Prison. It's player base is on the brink of death, and im on the hunt for YouTubers/Streamers to help out. I currently don't have the budget to be paying anyone, however, if you're a YouTuber with 250+ Subs and decent views, i can hook you up with...
  11. Hayden

    ~Cyanide PvP Requesting YouTubers/Streamers 1k+~ Paying

    Hello, I am the Co-Owner of a server called CyanidePvP. We are currently looking for YouTubers or streamers to advertise. As well as paying you, we will also sponsor your channel. We will help your channel grow as long as you help our server grow in return...
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