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  1. Tim Swicord

    Strike 2020-09-02

    ~~The AMAZING LIGHTNING STICK~~ ~~Togglable Custom Messages and Death Messages~~ ~~Customizable Config File~~ ~~~Simple lightning Plugin!~~~ Let me know if you have any suggestions! Add me on discord: timmy55#9360 (willing to customize plugin if you want) Config File with a changeable...
  2. N

    Practice Setups. PM With Your Needs!

    Hi, Im Nike. (aka Misfortune.) I am currently the owner or Flow Network (Australian PvP Network.) Im looking to make a little extra cash on the side as im a little bit low on money at the moment! I will be making practice setups for you of your requirements. I will be using either StrikePractice...
  3. RealDev

    Strike Practice config

    this is a simple but nice config for strike practice that will look nice on any server $3 dm me on discord at: RealDev#2992 Tab: Scoreboard: Scoreboard waiting: Scoreboard in-game (no ping because I am in localhost)...
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