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supply drops

  1. Perkelle

    Envoys - The Ultimate Supply Drop Plugin 5.4.10

    Envoys is not for sale on MCMarket due to this bug. Please purchase on Spigot instead! Envoys now works with 1.13 (and 1.14), whilst maintaining backwards compatibility with versions from 1.8 upwards. We have a Discord support server! Click here (or on the image) to join it! By purchasing...
  2. xNameless

    1.12 Custom Random Crate Spawning Plugin

    Introduction: Hello, I am selling my most recent plugin called "SupplyCrates". Supply Crates is a 1.12 compatible plugin which spawns a crate at a configurable interval in any configurable world, inside the world border - and is also automatically compatible with Factions (So that it wont spawn...
  3. LavaBucket

    Mystical Drops Plugin

    Mystical Drops Completed
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