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  1. Kek123

    Alpha Drops - [Supply Drop / Care Package] Plugin

    A simple to use, highly configurable crate drop plugin that allows players to find and claim randomly dropped crates for configurable rewards. (See video below for a demonstration/tutorial) Previously rated 5 stars, updated and brought back due to request from users Available here...
  2. xNameless

    1.12 Custom Random Crate Spawning Plugin

    Introduction: Hello, I am selling my most recent plugin called "SupplyCrates". Supply Crates is a 1.12 compatible plugin which spawns a crate at a configurable interval in any configurable world, inside the world border - and is also automatically compatible with Factions (So that it wont spawn...
  3. MrToucan

    Cosmic Envoys - The Ultimate Envoy Crate Plugin | Configurable | On Spigot | MUST HAVE PLUGIN

    Hello, are you looking for a Loot Crate Drop Plugin? Well today you're in luck, cause I present to you, Cosmic Envoys! This is the Ultimate Envoy plugin - it is almost 100% configurable down to what color the fireworks are that the crates launch and it brings an entirely new aspect to the game...
  4. Sizzlyz

    SupplyDrop {5 - 10 Dollars}

    Hello everyone, today I was wondering if anyone could make a supplydrop plugin like TheArchon or Desteria. How this plugin works is when you purchase anything on the store you will receive a chest. When you go into the wild and place the chest there will be 10 seconds before another chest spawns...
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