survival 1.12

  1. nidzoo


    ✦ SURVIVAL SERVER SETUP ✦ This is native 1.19.4 Survival Server Setup which is also joinable with any version from 1.8.x - 1.19.4. You can purchase Setup @ I aimed to offer you the best without having to buy anything else, in this case plugins, server is made 95% of...
  2. Stexjy

    TheInfinityMC - SMP 1.19

    Hello everyone, I'm Stexjy, the owner of TheInfinityMC. I recently opened this server hoping to create a little fun community, if you want to join to play with friendly other players, feel free! (Toxicity is severely punished) The server IP: Discord...
  3. SHA256_

    Backpack Lite v1.4

    Backpack Plugin The plugin allows players to store there items inside the backpack. We have made it super fun and easy to use more updates are coming soon leave your feedback and your ideas. We are working on to make the plugin bigger and we are going to release more plugins soon. Commands...
  4. Megumi

    Mini Survival Spawn v1.12.2

    Here are some pictures of the spawn area :) We made this for our survival spawn area, or you can use it for whatever you want etc... If you need any help feel free to contact me on my discord at Staples#2291
  5. I

    Survival server

    Hey! I've been thinking about my survival server that I am creating and what to add to it to make it interesting and unique. If you like a minecraft enhanced survival experience and have some ideas or plugins that you would like to see in a survival server then let me know. Thanks!
  6. TripleZone


  7. X

    America-Navo!! New Minecraft server official open!

    An all American server! IP:! You are a settler in 1776's! You must join a town and start building your way the ranks! JOIN NOW!
  8. Conan028

    ➤CoobCraft | Recruiting Staff | New Server Upcoming

    Recruiting Staff Members for CoobCraft! Hello Mc-Market community! We (CoobCraft) are a upcoming survival/economy server! Our custom provides a custom world map so everything looks beutifull! Staff Team (now): Owner 1/1 Administrator's 0/3 Developer's 1/2 Moderator's 0/3 Helper's 0/3...
  9. I

    Buying a basic survival server setup

    Hey everyone, so here's what I'm looking to buy. I'm looking to purchase a survival setup that's basic but suits everyone on the servers needs. Looking for a shopgui setup (I already have the plugin) and some of just the basic essential setups and maybe some jobs/quests. Also willing to work...
  10. tyipie

    TarnationMC Survival Server Recruitment

    TarnationMC Staff Applications Hello Mc-Market user, I see you have stumbled upon our little advertisement for our recruitment, we thank you prior to reading this for taking your time to learn more about us, what we strive to do and our big image. Our Story We are a team of quite experienced...
  11. Prozaphex

    ProzaCraft Small Community Survival Returns!!! Seeking Staff!!!

    Hello, Some exciting news! I have decided to relaunch my long running survival server, ProzaCraft!!! Many of you may have played with us in the past originally known as "DubCraft" before the name change a few years back. I have included our basic server description at the bottom of this post as...
  12. Stefatorus

    Advanced Survival Setup - Vote Crates Chat Reaction Jobs CustomHelp High-End Spawn 50%-OFF v1.7-1.12.2

    Servers Using This Resource: Description: This survival setup is a high-quality, cheap setup, including custom-made spawns & warps, NPCs, Custom RandomTP GUI, and even more! Requirements: The following are necessary to fully set up the money, (and optional AuthMe): Mysql Database (or...
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