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  1. Watchers Of Fate

    3D Elucidator Sword 1.1

    There is two models : The sword is on the diamond sword The sword with the sheath is on the stick In the .zip, there is the ressourcepack folder if you want to just use the model itself. If you want to use it in itemsadder, use the "ItemsAdder" folder.
  2. ImASelfishGhost

    Play SAO Minecraft | Rebooted

    Im the original admin from the old project. We have finally revived the old project and are looking to add a few staff members to help finish up some details so that we can unleash the death game to the masses. If this is something you are interested in helping please see the positions below...
  3. gerorge

    Budget:100$ {300x300 Fantasy/Medival Town}

    I am looking for an experienced Builder able to build me Tolbana Town from the anime of sword art online, you can find all the info about it on here: Discord: Vinny#2038
  4. tristminerking

    [SAO-Crafted] In need of Builders

    Hello MC-M, Hello im tristminerking owner of SAOCrafted. SAOCrafted is a modded server that uses Custom Npcs Pams Harvest Craft and other mods of that nature. Because this is a very big project we are in need of builders. I want my server to sorta be like this. Since the server is closed i...
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