systems administration

  1. 1

    Hi there, I'm Stefano

    Hey there, I'm Stefano. A java developer, systems administrator, it guy and gamer from hobby. I've been a silent person on the mcm platform. But I've decided to start using my knowledge to help people on this platform. I'm currently looking how to best evolve in the mcm world and have gotten...
  2. SessionTech

    Systems Administration

    Hello I'm new to being a sysadmin on this site and I was wanting to offer some free services and I can help with installing and setting up protocols and setting up firewalls and installing control panels I have 5 years of experience in the field of SysA. Please contact me on MCM or Discord...
  3. KadotyGamer

    [NA][MYVARIETY]⚡️50% OFF SALE |⚡️Game & Discord Host |⚡️SYS ADMINS |⚡️SSD Storage |⚡️Premium Support

    MyVariety is a Managed Service Provider startup that provides Hosting and System Administration services aimed towards communities and businesses. We currently have a limited time introductory offer going on where you can get 50% OFF all our plans for 1 month.
  4. Botle

    Freelance Platform Admin & Part-time Developer

    Introduction Hello! Thanks for taking a look at my post! My name is Blake, as my current in-game name is ignblake. My previous in-game name was SuperRandum, for those who may know me. I have recently retired and folded my network owning job on a server called the Hykin Network, in which I...
  5. V

    Enterprise grade efficient setups. [VPS Installs][Dedicated Setup][Cloud] | Vouch Copies

    I offer all of the services listed in this thread and am knowledgeable of all aspects of the software/services. If you believe i have forgotten to list something please send me a PM, do not mention it in the thread as i will probably miss it. My reasoning for doing all of these services for...
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