tab config

  1. VmServices

    Tablist Animated Config | Modern Style v1.0

    ☛ Description: TAB Configuration, one of the best, as well as most popular TAB plugins for your Minecraft server, config isusing Minecraft Color Codes, but you can change the colors to whatever you wish! ☛ Showcase...
  2. Pallux

    Tab & Scoreboard | Modern Config v1.0

  3. Syvw

    TAB Config HUB | HCF and KITMAP v1.0

    Config TAB HUB 1.7x - 1.8x BungeeTabListPlus for HCF, Practice and Kitmap servers with the problem that your tab disappears!
  4. Zalbus

    TAB Config | NovaForge Studios v1.0

    This is a brand new style of tablist for the plugin TAB by NEZNAMY. It has a scrolling bar at the bottom to allow you to advertise / mention multiple things. It also comes with 7 rank animation that work with LuckPerms. Easy to install | This is just a simply drag and drop operation...
  5. M

    Tablist & scoreboard CONFIG | TAB v1.0

  6. SmartName

    TAB CONFIG | Scoreboard + Layout v1.0

    PLUGIN FREE PREMIUM REQUIRED OPTIONAL LINK Vault ✅ 🚫 ✅ 🚫 CLICK ME! PlaceholderAPI ✅ 🚫 ✅ 🚫 CLICK ME! EssentialsX ✅ 🚫 ✅ 🚫 CLICK ME! TAB ✅ 🚫 ✅ 🚫 CLICK ME!
  7. oipika

    Optimized Tab Configuration v1.0

    OVERVIEW This is only the configuration file for the plugin known as NEZNAMY Tab. It supports versions 1.8 and above. Note: This setup was configured and tested on Spigot 1.20.4 and Tab 4.1.2. These files only modify everything related to the messages/aesthetics. Other aspects of the plugin...
  8. Marnesia

    ELITE | TAB & Scoreboard Configuration - v1.1

    TAB config designed to suit every server will show you as a more modern server and increase your quality. You can come to our discord server to get help with installation or any other issue.
  9. RoushaanOP

    animated tab and scoreboard for hub v1.0

    ANIMATED TAB & SCOREBOARD CONFIG FOR BUNGEE HUB Extract the file Copy & Paste the config.yml and animations.yml from here and paste into TAB plugin /plugin/TAB Customize it and enjoy ! if you need any help then dm me on discord username: roushaanop Enjoy
  10. Brutal Studios

    Brutal TAB | Custom Layout and Tab v1.0

    Rules ● You are not allowed to chargeback! ● You are not allowed to share this resource! ● You can not claim this resource as yours! ● You are not allowed to resell this resource! BREAKING THESE RULES WILL BE RESULT IN A SCAM REPORT!
  11. iumproject

    Unique TAB Configuration | 2 Game Modes v1.0

  12. Brutal Studios

    Brutal TAB Config | Custom Layout v2.1

    || OVERVIEW This resource is a configuration for the plugin TAB NOTE: I will not be responsible for any damages you use in this config if you do not contact Discord after purchasing the config itself Enter the discord and if something is not working so that I can give you support...
  13. Milli_0

    Tab and scoreboard config || RPG || v1.0

    Hey! want to custpmise your tab list for your RPG server. Look no further than our config which has support for many plugins like skills, teams, essentials [ for economy/balance ], playtime and ranks, and much more. If you buy this now more colours will be free on our discord. You can also...
  14. Zyro Studio

    FREE | TAB Configs | Tab + Scoreboard v1.0

    Modern Tab List Configuration! Clean Scoreboard Configuration! 5 Different Colors! Multi-purpose design! Premium quality but FREE! Make sure you have TAB, PlaceholderAPI & Vault plugins. Download these PlaceholderAPI eclouds: Player Server Vault Statistics Extract the .ZIP file. Choose the...
  15. AlinMihai96

    Premium Tab Config | Custom Layouts v1.0

    This High Quality TAB Configuration is made to meet and exceed your expectations! It comes with 7 Colors that you can use on your servers! ( Aqua, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow ) SUPPORT
  16. Jibellxd

    Premium TAB Configuration | 3 Colors v1.0

    FEATURES: Tab + Scoreboard. Animations file. Fully Hex coded. Unique design and clean. 3 Different options for color designs at your convenience! SHOWCASE: GREEN BLUE RED INSTALLATION: Everything will be laid out in the README.txt file located in the folder upon purchase! Upon purchase...
  17. Obviouslee

    Multi-Purpose Bossbar Pack v1.0

    FEATURES A sleek and minimal bossbar design with 13 color themes included Easy copy and paste format to fit line spacing REQUIREMENTS TAB THEMES SUPPORT Join my Discord if you need help!
  18. Obviouslee

    Multi-Purpose Tablist Pack v1.0

    FEATURES A sleek and minimal tablist design with 13 color themes included Easy copy and paste format to fit line spacing REQUIREMENTS TAB THEMES SUPPORT Join my Discord if you need help!
  19. Obviouslee

    Multi-Purpose Scoreboard Pack v1.1

    FEATURES A sleek and minimal scoreboard design with 13 color themes included Easy copy and paste format to fit line spacing REQUIREMENTS TAB PlaceholderAPI Server PlaceholderAPI Expansion Statistic PlaceholderAPI Expansion Vault PlaceholderAPI Expansion Vault THEMES SUPPORT Join my Discord...
  20. EpicProduction

    Great Christmas TAB Configuration v1.0

    CHRISTMAS TAB CONFIGURATION ☃️ BEST TAB CONFIGURATION ON THE MARKET ☃️ ☃️ Christmas Edition ☃️ ⚡️ Easy Installation! 💰 Affordable and Great Quality!
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