Simple & Clean TAB Configuration v1.0

    Contains 5 Color Headers and footers configuration for the TAB plugin.
  2. savkee404

    TAB Configuration Clean v1.0

    [NEW] & [CHEAP] 🌴 TAB Configuration Clean & Unique 🌴 Easy to Configurate Chepeast configurations ever! (More configs and setups at our discord)
  3. savkee404

    [NEW] & [CHEAP] 🌴 TAB Configuration Clean & Unique 🌴 Easy to Configurate

    Some of styles of configuration 🌴 (Orange & Red) Green Purple Red Chepeast configurations ever! (More configs and setups at our discord)
  4. AL1

    Tab & Scoreboard Configuration v2.0
  5. savkee404

    💎TAB Configuration Clean & Unique 🌴 With 5 Styles & 30+ Ranks 💎

    For more pictures, you need go to our discord server. I'm not allowed to post more live videos here. Config is on discount, so dont miss that chance! My main goal is to make this configuration the best TAB Configuration on BuiltByBit! I'm always open for new suggestions to improve the quality...
  6. ChroneenStore

    TAB + SCOREBOARD - Configuration v1.0

    Clean and unique configuration! Modern gradient and excellent color selection! The tab and the scoreboard feature a unique font! 9 different colors! The Tab and the scoreboard shine in RGB colors! Please extract the TAB file! Choose the color you want to use for the tab and...
  7. foudre

    TAB Configuration - Tab & Scoreboard v1.0

    SUPPORT DISCORD: DISCORD.FOUDRE.UK WARNING: This config only works properly on versions above 1.16.5, if your server is below 1.16.5 it may not work properly.
  8. CinturonCris

    TAB Upgrade | New v1.0

  9. ArtsignMC

    TAB Config v1.0

    DEPENDENCIES: TAB HOW TO INSTALL Drag and drop downloaded file into your TAB plugin folder. Unarchive the file
  10. MineVote

    Tab Config Lifesteal v1.0.1

  11. Parallax Studios

    TAB Configuration v1.0.1

    Enhance your TAB with my configuration, Upgrade your experience with my TAB config for added features. Which is available in the pack: ✔ Colored line texture ✔ Oraxen configuration ✔ ItemAdder configuration ✔ TAB Configuration ✔ x6 Rank tags ✔ x5 Emoji Dependencies: ✔ TAB [FREE] ✔ Oraxen...
  12. Yas_MC

    Beautiful ranks - Oraxen & Itemsadder v1.1

    Notice : This is note a Tab or Ranks plugin or any ranks config, its Juste an itemsadder / oraxen pack , by installing this you will have ranks( fonts) ingame that you can setup in your favorite ranks plugin by using placeholders, juste drag and drop folders , and ingame you can see the ranks...
  13. Neptune Services

    FREE Hub Tab / Scoreboard Configuration v1.0

    Neptune Hub Scoreboard / Tab Configuration! We're thrilled to introduce our updated Hub scoreboard and tab configuration, designed for a streamlined and enhanced user experience. Stay informed and connected with all the essential details right at your fingertips!
  14. Jiggy

    Simple TAB - Config v1.0

    Overview: Enhance your TAB with this free stunning 5-color configuration, professionally designed for unrivaled visual appeal and optimal functionality. Upgrade your experience with my TAB config for added features. Installation: Download the resource. Unzip the provided file. Simply choose...
  15. Reuw21_

    Unique TAB Config / Tablist + Scoreboard v1.0

    This TAB + Scoreboard configuration file contains a greatly designed, unique style to your TAB plugin. for support please contact my discord! -> rojv
  16. xxgoldxx

    TAB survival config v1.1

    new TAB config for survival new RGB bossbar new scoreboard new TAB
  17. KhoaMiTom

    Sleek and polished TAB configurations I v1.0

    Tab setup got you down? Our package is here to help! It comes with Tab Configs and a selection of 15 colors. Just sit back and enjoy! TAB plugin (Depend on what you need) Economy Placeholder API LuckPerms
  18. bossross

    premium tab v1.0

    Exclusive Custom Font! Modern Tab animation extract the file copy & Paste the config.yml and the animations.yml from the TAB folder to your server's file manager the ping display isnt included just so you know its just a mod i have
  19. martykat123

    6 colors tab and scoreboard config v1.0

    This is a 6 color tablist config with scoreboard (More colors coming soon) COLORS: blue lime orange pink red yellow DISCORD FOR SUPPORT: (RULES) 1: You are not allowed to resell this config
  20. MineVote

    Tab Config v1.0