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  1. Edbtvplays

    C# and Batch script Dev for Tcadmin customisability

    i am looking for a c# dev and a batch script dev to try and. Make my hosting chosen panel tcadmin more customisable this will include weighting scripts that will have us and scripts that does stuff in the game that I Host unturned My budget is quite small for this task if you are willing to...
  2. Edbtvplays

    Tcadmin Custom Scripts For Unturned

    Hi i am looking for someone to make me some custom tcadmin scripts for uturned tcadmin is a game hosting control panel these scripts will do certain things like install certain mods for a server or the server owner will be able to install maps or mod from the unturned workshop a example of these...
  3. Edbtvplays

    TCAdmin Theme

    Hello Mc-Market I own a unturned server hosting company and we use TCadmin to host our servers ( and ik about petrodactly before anyone says why didn’t you use that ) I am looking for a theme I need a total theme re do of tcadmin because the default theme is grotesque my budget is around £15...
  4. gadoneitor15

    // Looking to create a hosting // TCADMIN 2 // paid service //

    Im looking to create a game hosting about unturned and others games but more about unturned with the panel tcadmin 2, I want something similar like hosthavoc or gameservers but simpler so that it does not cost me so much my budget is between 30 to 60 depends on the quality, I can raise more the...
  5. DediFire

    ($5/GB) DediFire Minecraft Servers | Radware DDoS Protection | NEW Hardware

    Interactive Product Configuration Launch Video
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