1. S

    Teaching Java to Beginners

    Hello, I am teaching java to beginners who want to learn to code, or have started but does not know some concepts yet. Things I will teach include: Strings(how to use them properly), Arrays, ArrayLists, 2d Arrays (and why they are useful), for loops (nested, enhanced, simple, and advanced)...
  2. TheAvidCoder

    A web design tutor

    Hi. I'm interested in someone who is skilled in web design (front end) as a tutor. One important thing is that I will pay in gift cards, not cash (I figured out a way to get free gift cards, and if you think this is shady I will go first). I already understand HTML and CSS, but I am looking for...
  3. Nuclear_kid

    Looking for Developer - Build/art trade

    Hi, I own a network that is currently useless, all the servers are there but nothing is on them! xD I need developers that interested to make a trade. Developers need to be: - Good in Skript or spigot(java) - Diligent (stick to the deal until its done.) - Friendly - Patient &...
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