teamspeak hosting

  1. V

    A Teamspeak Dev.

    Hello, my name is Daniel and I am looking for a good teamspeak dev that can setup ranks, permissions, and perks. It is a faction's Teamspeak but I want it to be perfect. Add me if you are interested. Vlad#4710 on discord add me or comment down below. Thank you for your time.
  2. Stooshy

    Teamspeak Hosting l Stashy's Shop

    Welcome to my Teamspeak 3 Hosting Service! Teamspeak 3 Prices: 50 Slots - $4/month 100 Slots - $5/month 250 Slots - $10/month 1000 Slots - $20/month Why choose us?: - 99% uptime. - Skype support (usually respond to you within 6 hours normally 1 hour) - We do all the panel stuff for you! - You...
  3. Stooshy

    Teamspeak 3 Hosting [Cheap + Affordable]

    Hello people of MCM! Ever wanted your own Teamspeak to speak with friends? I am here to provide that luxury! Prices Are: 50 Slot Teamspeak - $4/month 100 Slot Teamspeak - $5/month 250 Slot Teamspeak - $10/month 1000 Slot Teamspeak - $20/month If you buy for 3 months in a row I can provide a 8%...
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