teamspeak setup

  1. Plasma Services

    Teamspeak Setups (Cheap)

    I am offering a TeamSpeak Setups! I will create a TeamSpeak server to your liking and they will include: - Roles - Spacers - Channels - Role & Channel Images - Channels Permissions If you would like to buy a cheap TeamSpeak setup please join the discord here. - PlasmaServices
  2. xBabo

    ❄️Babo Setups❄️ 20% off | Fully Custom | Professional | Fast service | Cheap Price ❄️

    Babo Setups Hi guys! My name is Babo and I'm kinda new in this industry. I have made multiple Minecraft Network setups, Standalone Minecraft Servers, Discord setups and TeamSpeak setups, like a HCF, Bunkers, Practice, SMP and many more. Dm me for setup requests on discord. Starting Prices...
  3. StxffTP

    [PAID] HCF Teamspeak Setup

    Hello, I am requesting a teamspeak setup for my network's teamspeak. I want someone that knows how it is supposed to be setup, Not going to be awnsering every question of what each rank needs. If you think you can do it PM me on here or discord. My discord is: Tristan#9731
  4. Pedrayy

    Teamspeak setup

    Hello, i'm seeing if anyone on here, that know's how to setup a teamspeak server permissions, channels and layout pretty well, i need a teamspeak setup for me as soon as possible! Add my discord - Pedray#0652 (ILL RESPOND QUICK) Add my discord - Pedray#0652 (ILL RESPOND QUICK) Add my discord -...
  5. Emissions

    UD | INCREDIBLE PRICES >> Top Notch Setups: Discord >> Minecraft >> and more! ⭐️

  6. Transportations

    Discord Server Setups and TeamSpeak 3(Free)

    Hello there, My name is 212k and I setup discords professionally. There are many parts that people think it is easy to set up a discord but it isn't as easy as you think. There are so much to do to make it look nice and stand out and I don't get what the point is to pay for a discord setup. If...
  7. Erwan

    Free Discord Setups

    Hello Everyone, My name is Erwan and I am pretty good at setting up discords and TeamSpeaks. I will be giving out free Discord / Teamspeak setups for a vouch. If you are interested, please add me on Discord @ Erwan#3627 When adding me, please feel out this form and have it ready on request...
  8. Wout

    13hp and Wout's Service Team

    13hp & Wout About us We offer different types of setups. Discord, Teamspeak3 and Minecraft setups. We also make Designs going from Mascots to Minecraft Graphics. We are a professional service team. We make sure we deliver the best quality & prices for our customers. We are expierencied and...
  9. Keonte

    Teamspeak Setup/Development

    Teamspeak Development! I can set up a variety of teamspeaks like HCF servers, Faction Servers, A Faction ts, Private ts, Public ts, and any other teamspeak y'all want to be made for your liking. I can send you proof of the previous teamspeaks I've made. Contacts: Telegram: @ Keonte Discord...
  10. meltz

    ❤ meltz's teamspeak setup's ❤ [free] [decent quality]

    meltz's teamspeak setup's I've had experience with designing teamspeak servers for over 2 years now, I'm not the best at it but I enjoy configuring server's. I'm willing to design free teamspeak servers for people with no payment required. I'll setup the channels, icons and permission's. I'm...
  11. Galactive

    ★ Galactive's TeamSpeak 3 Service Setup ★ 2$ Teamspeak SETUP!

    Hey MC-Market! This is cheap & reliable teamspeak setup's » $2 Package Ranks, Icons, Permissions all inquired (LIMITED 2 FOR 1 PURCHASE!) Icons - Of your choice! » $4 Package Fully Custom TS + Banner All Permissions & Permissions Complete any issues will be fixed ASAP! Icons - Of your...
  12. Linxey

    ¤ Teamspeak Setups ¤ Super Cheap ¤

    I am going to be offering Teamspeak setups for a while and I hope to work with you! DOING 2 VOUCH COPIES 0/2 You must have a teamspeak server already and I will need server admin, I can setup a free TS but I will not pay for one. » $2 « - Icons of your choice (or mine if you do not have any)...
  13. Stock


    Stock's Teamspeak setups? I am Stock, I've been working on teamspeaks for 6 months right now. I made my first teamspeak when I tryed to make a powerfactions on the populair gamemode HardcoreFactions. I got my own ts on freets3 or so. And then I just started trying to make it looks good. Then I...
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