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  1. S

    Custom warzone merged with world

    hello I am looking for a simple minecraft warzone merged with a 1.7 world. I am looking for a warzone that is 180x180, flat stone area just like old teams servers. my spawn is 150x150. warzone will need to be outlined with bedrock. I would like all sides of warzone to be merged nicely with any...
  2. Squared2


  3. JacobZ


    Hey me and a co owner are in need of some custom terrain maps. I will be needing 9 maps, all about 400x400. Skype me for more details. Skype is Jacob Zivotic
  4. Pickle_Dyck

    Highly Detailed Continental Range|1.5km x 1.5km|BIN:$20

    Continental Range: A large mountain range, falling into rolling hills with deep lakes. The map is highly detailed and perfect for any project/server you can think of. Pricing: BIN:$20 Contact: Skype: Awesomclunk9003 or Nicholas Wituik. PMC:
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