theme designer wanted

  1. Dacostabro

    Cold Network 3.0 Update

    Hello Everyone, Currently, on the Cold Network, we are looking for a dedicated individual or team to update our forums/website completely. This will consist of leaderboards from in-game, online tickets, forums, themes, and much more. If you are interested in this project please direct message...
  2. Sixsoul

    Requesting Custom Craftingstore Theme ($500 Budget)

    I need a craftingstore theme that matches my main website: Willing to pay up to $500. Please respond here with a link to some past work, and your discord handle so I can message you.
  3. James Deloitte

    Custom MultiCraft Theme

    Hello, my name is James I am the Director Of Partnerships & Marketing for a large hosting company. We are looking to expand into the minecraft hosting sector. We are already beyond established and gross some of the largest ytd revenue in the non-enterprise game hosting solutions industry. At...
  4. Kjartan

    Pterodactyl Panel Theme

    Heya, we are looking for a Pterodactyl Panel theme for an upcoming brand launch. We'd prefer if anyone interested could fulfill these requirements: Be experienced, we'd like to work with someone who's done web development before and preferably made themes before. Work outside the box, many...
  5. I

    I need a theme for my webstore! Necesito un tema para mi webstore!

    Hello I am looking for a theme for my server website! I am using Premium Tebex plan. I can pay through PayPal :) Hola Busco un tema para el sitio web de mi servidor! Estoy usando el plan Premium de Tebex! Puedo pagar por medio de PayPal :)
  6. denireilly

    Website artwork/ Coding

    Howdy, i am in need of some edits and coding work done on my site on enjin, and buycraft i must add that it is paid work and i also need a skilled artist! Let me know your discord and i will contact you :D
  7. Jonnyfencing1

    Web Developer

    I am looking for an experienced web developer for a project I am doing, I will need a main html website theme, a WHMCS theme and a Virtualizor theme (Optional). Methods of contact: Discord: Jonny#1111
  8. Meox

    Need a Enjin Website done

    Willing to pay I recently decided to move from phpbb to enjin due to it being more compatible with minecraft and such, but I want it to look clean unlike the jumbled mess they offer. I would like a neat Nav bar design and a small bit of editing to the pages looks...
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